What do you think, what's the best honeymoon destination?

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Easter Island in Chile, lots of culture and  reasonable prices, also not very commercial as some destinations like the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

It really depends. Me personally I  hate small tiny islands, I think they are boring, but some people love them. I live in Costa Rica and we have two coast ( Caribbean and Pacific ); endles tropical rainforests, small boutique hotels, misty cloud forests, volcanoes, canals, lagoons, great restaurants. Costa Rica has become a bit mroe expensive than our neighbours, but on the other hand, we are still be far the safest country in C. A.  Please have a look at our website or soe many more about what Costa Rica has to offer... Have a  look and Good Luck !    Our website    TRAVELING COSTA RICA  

Paris, Prague, Peru, Peter island -- it depends upon what people's interests are. A couple of generations ago, the answer to your question would have been simple: any hotel with a bed, because the newlyweds were eager to finally consummate this thing. (My father was born exactly nine months and one week after his parents were joined, so to speak.)

Times have changed, though, so with most newlywed couples having already slept together -- and maybe lived together for years -- they have other things on their agenda besides romance. Perhaps fulfill that lifelong desire to go on a safari, or to forget about their lousy jobs and drink for a week at an all-inclusive, or play golf in Scotland, or...

Talking about drinks - A certain hotel by the beach, in a Caribbean Island, got into a long term agreement with a certain Airline-packaged-All-Inclusive deal. So in the winter season 100+ persons per flight (five flights a week) on a 7 and 14 day trip spoilt it for the rest of the customers. 

Imagine a rowdy English pub after a soccer game ! then imagine every afternoon and through the day ! everyday ! I'd like to put selection of the place to stay high into the equation, for one-size-fits-all resorts are a mess. 

My dos centivos

I will say this is Da Lat. This place even has a designated place for couples (Love Valley). 

Being a wonderland of flowers in Vietnam, Da Lat is never lack of color. All of flowers alternatively bloom during the year, just encourage us to take photos, over and over again.  If you like posting photos with beautiful background, it's an undeniable opportunity. Moreover, vegetables are really fresh, more than I expect when I'm there. The nature gives Da Lat a precious gift: a temperate climate so that all plants are proliferate. Being on the highland, the atmosphere seems perfect for everyone to enjoy a nice vacation.

P.s: To know information about other destinations in Vietnam during your honeymoon trip, maybe the article Vietnam Itinerary is useful.

The Canary Islands are one of the most coveted European tourist destinations. The islands are very popular for beach vacations and Honeymoon. The major islands of the Canaries have well-developed communication systems, airports, and ports.

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