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What do you think are some items that should NOT be packed for a trip? Anything that's bulky? Too cumbersome? Can be bought or obtained somehow in your destination? I think books can be left out, since printed information can be found in other ways.

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A critical factor is, how long is the trip? And how much hotel changing do you do? Ideally, I try not to pack more than three sets of socks and underwear, figuring I'll wash things in my room. I don't pack the cotton socks or underwear because they take forever to dry out. I also don't take items of clothing with variety in mind, because when you're traveling, different people see you every day, and they don't even know you, so who cares? Extra shoes? Pants? Not if I can help it. Going snorkeling? I will pack my own mask and snorkel, but I won't let fins take up space in my luggage.

And now the big one: the portable tripod. You really should bring that if you're shooting video or even stills. You should, and I should, too, but I don't.  

Here is a list of the things my wife tried to bring on our last trip:

Electric hot waxer

3 heavy jackets

3 pairs of flip flops

1 litre of olive oil

1 kilo of olives

a teapot

a couscous pot

cute baby clothes that no longer fit the baby

(in my case, it might be better not to pack my wife)


Laundry in most foriegn countries is so cheap that more than a couple days clothes is a waste. One extra pair f shoes is plenty. 


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