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I'll be in Monaco next month and am interested in various one-day trips from there to southern France and Italy.  Is it possible/less expensive to purchase rail tickets for Monaco from the US?  Also might anyone suggest any good daytrips near Monaco?

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Dear John,

I am sorry, I do not know too much about the Monaco region. The tourism board lists the following surroundings to visit:

Tel: +1 212 286 33 30

Toll free (USA): (800) 753 9696

Rail Travel:

All trains stop at the Monaco/Monte-Carlo station. TGVs run to and from Paris (journey time 5.5 hours). NOTE: all high speed trains require seat reservations. Trains run to Milan, Genoa or Basel during the day. Overnight trains run to Strasbourg, Paris, Toulouse, Irun, Port-Bou, Milan, Venice, Pisa and Rome. Regional Express Trains which connect the towns on the Côte d’Azur.

If you are planning just day trips, with point to point travel, it is probably cheaper and easier to book at the Monaco train station. If you plan more extensive trips into neighboring countries, you might want to look into a Eurail Pass product. You can purchase a pass from one of the following sales agents:

  • Eurail Select Pass, for travel in 3, 4 or 5 countries
  • Eurail Regional Pass, for travel in 2 countries (or 2 country-combinations)

The Eurail Regional Pass is valid in 2 adjoining countries (or country combinations*). Validity options, ranging from 3 up to 10 days of travel within a 2-month period, vary according to each pass. You will need to do a bit of research on what pass would work best for you and discuss this with the sales agent of your choice. The following site has excellent info on rail travel in Europe.

Hope this was somewhat helpful.



Brigitta Kroon-Fiorita

Kroon Communications, LLC


PR Representative, North America

Eurail Group G.I.E.

T: +1 203-210-5187

C: +1 203-807-1130

I'm not planning any trips to Monoco in near future but I do take trains in Europe so thnx for posting this info. I'll use it!

Glad you found it useful. You can always get in touch with any questions you have on traveling with a Eurail Pass.Brigitta

Many thanks for all of the replies.  They are quite helpful!

If you're doing day trips by train around the region, it's cheaper to buy in Monaco than from the States. Monaco station has plenty of ticket machines and ticket desks. You won't need a Eurail pass just to make a few trips into Italy. Try San Remo or even as far as Genoa.
For the purposes of travel, Monaco is considered to be in France, so again, you don't need a Eurail pass to get around the region. Trains run all along the coast, but if you're feeling adventurous you can also head into the Alps. From Monaco, take the train to Ventimiglia, then change onto a train going up the mountains to Tende. Alternatively, take the train to Nice and then transfer onto the Chemins de Fer de Provence up towards Digne.
Many recommended day trips aren't accessible by train, for instance Eze Village - take bus 112 from Monaco, runs every 1h30. Also St Paul de Vence, train to Nice then bus 400.
I'd recommend either investing in a guide book to give you an idea of where to go, or at least consult one in your local library.


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