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I might be going on a Western Caribbean Cruise in April. One of our ports of call is in Labadee, Haiti. What fun and informative things would we be able to do? (A group of roughly 15 people).

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I guess you're going with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity cruises? The cruise line leases the island and has converted it into an attraction that's about as Haitian as Brattleboro, Vermont, so the issue now becomes: What kinds of things do you like to do? If you've never ziplined or if you enjoy ziplining, then you really must do it on Labadee, which has the longest over-water zipline on earth. There's a splash park, a roller coaster, plenty of food and drinks, and the option of kayaking or jet-skiing. These latter two things could not be more different, but they're the two things I would want to do there.

As mentioned, though, it's all about what you like to do, so unless this is a corporate team-building excursion, I'd encourage you not to encourage all 15 people to do the same thing. P.S. It's always fun, at the end of the day, to get together and talk about your day if people have done different things.


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