For a women's travel website, with readership in college and up, I seek travel-related suggestions on romantic places to be for Valentine's Day for certain types of couples. What places are good for these five types: outdoor-minded, foodies, cultural, thrill-seekers, and well, true romantics at heart? I seek suggestions with specific reasons why your tip falls into a certain couple category. These tips must not be product promotional (this piece is not an advertorial) but rather about places. People know about the Eiffel Tower, but is there maybe another place in Paris or even France that's equally romantic. Is there a great market/neighborhood in your city for foodies that's also a local gem? A hiking trail or unique activity that the brave step up to do such as bridge climbing in Sydney? A scene that's great for music lovers?

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Foodies:  Any of the El Doradro Resorts, by Karisma These resorts (  are couple only and their program of "Gourmet Inclusive" is fantastic.  G  "be surrounded with a unheard of variety of restaurants and dinning options in each one of our resorts. A superb selection of Continental, International, Mexican, Italian, Asian and Caribbean delights awaits you at stylish à la Carte restaurants that provide unique atmospheres with exceptional attentions.  The best part of this extraordinary program is that you can have as much as you want !

I have personally been to these resorts.  f you are looking for a place to explore your romance and spoil your palette I recommend the Maroma Beach Resort. 

The Maroma Beach is has consistently been rated as one of the best & most romantic beach in the world by places like Nat Geo, Travel chanel and more..  

The Maroma Beach resort is my favorite resort of them because it is small, right on the beach and becasue of the beach and access to great water-sports just feet from the resort to help work off the great food!

(Link to learn more -

Outdoor-Minded:  Cost Rica or Panama.  Great Unspoiled jungle awaits just minutes from the comforts of beautiful resorts.  Zip line through jungles, Visit a volcano and more..

Hope this helps, if you need more please feel free to e-mail or write

Holly Robertson

Latitudues Travel

(414) 433-4873

(855) 433-4870

In the Caribbean, Cap Juluca continues to reap so many awards, you could trip over them. My wife and I have stayed there a couple of times. Real desert sheikh romance -- but with a beach, and a damned good one. 

One of the most romantic places is Agra, India. What better than to see the most extreme monument to love, the Taj Mahal, at sunrise with the one you love? Built by a grieving husband for the love of his life, the Taj Mahal is more majestic than word can describe. Then go back to your ultra luxury hotel which overlooks the Taj Mahal for a couples spa treatment and then have dinner or cocktails on your balcony watching as the sun sets over the Taj Mahal. 

Of course there are other areas in India to celebrate romance including Udaipur overlooking the lake, or in Kerala on your private houseboat, with a full staff of course. 

If you need more information, photos, etc, please let me know. Also, visit our

Adrienne Sasson

So Michele,

I'd love to know what happened with your Valentine's Day story.... did you publish something? I'd love to see it!

I think one at the following post coud be your best choice.

Especialy Villa d’Este, (Como, Italy) ,   this famous resort destination has been widely praised for its beautiful gardens, exquisite cuisine, gala celebrations, impeccable decor and extraordinary hospitality. Definitely ... one of the most romantic lakes in the world.

Thanks everyone. I'm all set.


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