For a women's travel website, with readership in college and up, I seek travel-related suggestions on romantic places to be for Valentine's Day for certain types of couples. What places are good for these five types: outdoor-minded, foodies, cultural, thrill-seekers, and well, true romantics at heart? I seek suggestions with specific reasons why your tip falls into a certain couple category. These tips must not be product promotional (this piece is not an advertorial) but rather about places. People know about the Eiffel Tower, but is there maybe another place in Paris or even France that's equally romantic. Is there a great market/neighborhood in your city for foodies that's also a local gem? A hiking trail or unique activity that the brave step up to do such as bridge climbing in Sydney? A scene that's great for music lovers?

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For outdoor lovers a safari can be the experience of a lifetime. Why? Because being close to nature is romantic and many safari properties strive to pamper their guests with fabulous accommodations, food, wine and spa treatments. We have the most extensive and detailed first hand based online coverage of luxury safari properties in Africa. You are welcome to browse our articles for ideas. Here's a good starting page with more than 70 property profiles on safari/game viewing  -

Hope that helps!

Sorry, I'm no help. I resent calendar-mandated romance. Real romance is every day. It's a gift for no reason. Flowers - of any kind - for no reason. It's coming home to a ready-made meal or a drawn bath or soft music. It's laughter. It's shared experiences. It's being able to look at a restaurant menu and knowing what the other person is going to order. As for Valentine's Day? I'd dump anyone who made it a big deal. Too shallow.

Great, I agree- But still, no harm giving advice. drop the Valentine'd Day; those suggestions do not lessen do they ?

Hi Michele,

Here's an entry from our calendar of events that is both romantic and historic. Each year couples are invited to gather beneath a beautiful ancient oak where legend has it that the Acadian couple separated in "le grand derangement," upon whom Longfellow based his poem "Evangeline," passed in the night hidden from each other by dark...and were never to find each other.

Dale Irvin

Managing Editor

Country Roads Magazine

How about Quebec City and a stay at an ice hotel?

Cute idea, Dian!  I did this, too.  Yes, sleeping in the Hotel de Glace forces you to snuggle into sleeping bags. But  whether you can practically share a sleeping bag is another question...

ahh, but most sleeping bags are made so you can zip two together to make one giant love nest:)

Michele, we've posted links to this question on other Tripatini forums: Media Only, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, and Tour Guides, so you may want to check those, too.  In the meantime, we've had one reply so far from our Tour Guides group: 

The Lighthouse Preservation Society offers lovers the opportunity to privately dine at the top of the lighthouse in Newburyport, Massachusetts. The lighthouse is relatively small and seems like it might accommodate four patrons at the table. You must arrange for the menu in advance. I'm sure if you Google you'll get prices and other info. Seems like a romantic way to spend Valentine's Day or any other day.  

Hi Michele - I work with the islands of Tahiti and LuxuryLink and can provide some great romantic ideas for you...let me know best email to reach can get me at THANKS! 

Sabah, Malaysian Borneo is an excellent place for Valentine's Day... has lovely beaches, superb sea food, rocking nightlife, orangutans, beautiful islands, lovely resorts, turtles, sunset cruises, river cruises, forest lodges, diving, trekking, nature trails and much more!

It has everything for couples - adventure sports for the enthusiasts, lovely beaches and resorts to laze around, diving and watersports for those who love the water, exotic spas for therapy and wellness and so much more.

Please feel free to write to me if you need more details... 

Last year I had the pleasure to be in St. Emilion, a spectacular village at nearly one hour from Bordeaux. I was there due to an International Fair and... it has been a revelation! Such a beautiful and romantic area! A UNESCO site too. Vineyards, chateaux, amazing historical heritage, delicious food and wine, breathtaking sunsets, definetely a gorgeous destination for Valentine's day. I will definetely go back. To get more info, please visit:

I also made many pictures. If you wish, I can post them! 

Hope this helps!


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