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Scotland: ISO suggestions for best seats & hotels at the Military Tattoo festival

Any hintts on the Military Tatoo in Scotland. Better seats, First night as opposed to last night

Best hotels to stay in? 

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Hi Linda,

It will help if you specify a price range for the hotels, or, if by "best hotels" you truly do mean the top of the line, then say that too.

Sounds great, wish I could go!
Hi LInda! I think first night may be sold out, I was looking into tickets for my cousin Rachel, and that's what I found. I think though that for the last night, you can still get tickets in the east section, which is the best, as it faces the castle. I would hurry up and get them, as they may not be available much longer. Try here:

Good luck!

Personally haven't been, yet, so I can't say - but if availability is a problem - here's a travel tip. Even if certain nights/tickets are sold out - often travel agents and tour operators will have pre-purchased bulk tickets and packaged them together with hotels (this can sometimes be cheaper than buying items separately because - these tour operators get 'trade' pricing). You'll have to do a little research, but here's two things I found off a quick search:

check out twitter too - you can pose the question to @visitscotland or maybe better @EdinFestivals
Have seen the Military Tattoo once and it is a spectacular experience not to be missed. The only thing different between the first and last nights - I think the last night has fireworks. Otherwise, take any night you can get. I think that the seating is on the sides, in the middle section about halfway up. You can look at a seating map by googling "Military Tattoo Edinburgh". Order tickets direct or many escorted tours will include the Tattoo. We will be in Edinburgh for the last night on 28 August to see the Tattoo for the second time (different every year) following a back to back tour with Rabbies Trail Burners.
Hotels pretty expensive in Edinburgh during August due to the Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh Festival, and the "Fringe" among other activities. We are staying one night prior to tour at the Minto Hotel and 4 nights post tour at the Apex City Hotel. If you are driving there are quite a few B&B and Guest Houses out of the city centre that have public transportation right by the front door. We wanted to be within walking distance and were willing to pay for it.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.
Ruth Kuehn, SCOTS Agent
My best tip, being Scottish myself, from Glasgow, is take a warm blanket, you will not regret this decision, it is absolutely freezing in Edinburgh at that time of year. Even better, take also some hot tea/coffee/hot chocolate in a thermos and wear a hat! Enjoy. Any seat is a good sea as you are looking down on the events. For a hotel that is possibly open to giving a media rate, try the Caledonian, that's where I stayed and they were very good to the media. Hope that helps. Have fun!




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