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I have quite a bit of free time in San Juan, any suggestions for excursions or anything  to see the area?   - T

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There is a lot to do in San Juan. You can spend a lot of time just discovering the museums, forts and sights of Old San Juan. Maybe this link can help you out:

I'm glad to see that one of the pages of Pedro Valle-Javier's link includes Casa Blanca and the Galleria Nacional. Some visitors spend so much time at the two fortresses -- perfectly understandable, by the way -- that they never get to these two attractions. However, they sure are happy if they do.

I'm also crazy about Pinones, a protected area about 25-30 minutes east of San Juan. It has extraordinary, pristine beaches that range from swimmable to dramatically rough, bikes for rent, kayaks for rent in a lagoon, and food stands serving some of the best street food in the Caribbean.

Oh yeah -- almost forgot. You can go stand-up paddleboarding -- at any skill level -- right in San Juan:


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