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Hi there!

I'm doing some research on Oman's tourism industry, and I would LOVE to hear from travel pro's who have interesting or strong opinions about some of the barriers to tourism development in the Sultanate. I'd also be very interested in hearing what you think were the pro's and con's of your trip to Oman, and what you would advise tourism developers to concentrate on in order to improve the overall tourist experience in Oman. 

I hope to hear from many wonderful, well-traveled and interesting Tripatini members! 

Thank you! 


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Oman is considered as a developing nation as far as Tourism is concerned, The Govt earlier was focussing in giving better life to its people and now they are developing the Tourism Industry. It has everything from SUN SAND SEA , what a tourist likes. It has everything for all kind of Tourists. The destination is for the people who do not want much of a hussle and bustle. The two hour Dolphin Watching Cruise is an experience to enjoy. Hotels range from 3* to 5* Deluxe but not much in number and as the Tourism figures are not much the available accommodation suffies. 

If you have any particular query let me know.

Hi Rajesh, 

Thank you for your comment, it is a very nice overview. Would I be able to get in touch with you to find out a bit more about tourism development in the Sultanate? I'd really love to get some first-hand views on what it's like to travel around Oman, and you sound like you know the country quite well! 



Oh, and if you could fill out the quick survey as well that would be very helpful!

have replied to your survey, you may directly get in touch with me on or skype me on rajeshtaneja1 

By the way, what's your profession. To know more on Oman Destination you may visit


If they're any use to you, here are links to some of my blog posts about Oman. We only had a short time there, but I'd love to make a longer visit. 







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