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Hello Tripatini Pro's.


I am traveling to Orlando with my family in September.  We will have 2-3 children age 2 with us.  I am looking at the Fantasy World Resort in Kissimmee, FL which is approx 3 miles from the Orlando Airport.  If you are familiar with this Resort, amenities, cleanliness etc. please chime in and let me know ASAP if you would recommend it.  If you have any suggestions for great, clean locations other than this one, please advise.  I have never been to Orlando and want the experience to be wonderful; for me it begins with a great overnight accommodation.


Also, if anyone is familiar with The Shades of Green (military) Resort, please share your experience with me.  We are retired military and can book at this facility.


Thanks and looking forward to your timely responses.

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Hi, Perita! While we wait for others to weigh in here, just a heads-up: I decided to toss this question up on my Facebook wall, and though I asked folks to click through to this forum, naturally they just left this on my wall: 

  • Pattie Sherman Bonnet Creek
  • Linda Campbell O'Keefe Kissimmee is not Orlando but it is close to the Disney complex. Fantasy World website says there is a MANDATORY resort fee that is not included in the room rate of this resort. And it's not 3 miles from the airport, probably a 20-30 minute drive depending on traffic.

Also, a question: what's your budget? Very critical to know that...


Thak you for the information.  Budget is not a real problem, but the location could be a deal breaker.

If you could also be more specific about your location requirements, that would also be very helpful. Proximity to airport, Disney, downtown, International Drive, other parks...?

Hi there~

1] Shades of Green is owned/operated by Disney and is on Disney property so you can be assured that it is quality and in an excellent location for your family's visit.  It will provide very convenient transportation options to get to any of the Disney theme parks that you are visiting.

2] Fantasy World Resort is farther than 3 miles from OIA [I believe it would take approx 15-30 minutes to get there from the airport], and although I don't have first hand experience with it I believe you and your family would benefit more from being closer to the Disney parks, which I assume is why you are visiting.  Children that young will tire very easily and staying as close as possible to the theme parks would be a big priority on my list if I were you.  At that age they are going to be more interested in the pool than in any of the rides you will put them on.

3]  Another excellent family resort [we have tons] would be the Nickelodeon hotel which is just outside the Disney theme park area.  Very family friendly and in close proximity to WDW but not actually on the property.

FYI,  I live in Orlando and have worked at both WDW as well as Universal Studios.  In addition, I am a trip director and travel writer with 30 years history in this area. I hope this information is helpful and that you enjoy your stay!


Thanks Terry,


I appreciate the information.  I think we are going to go ahead with booking the Shades of Green Hotel.  I love Tripatini and being able to connect with people all around the country when you are going to a new location.  If you are ever on the East coast, Petersburg, VA is a quaint little town with lots of Civil War History and some of the oldest buildings in the US.  My husband and I own The Destiny Inn B&B and we enjoy having folks from all over come to our inn.  We are on line @  Thanks again for the information.

Thanks for the invite and I might just take you up on that one day!

Good idea to go with Shades of Green - you can't go wrong with a Disney facility, and the location is excellent for the young children.  I'm sure you'll be comfortable there.

Safe travels~


If you are looking for a great place for warm hospitality on Orlando you should check out They have the best bed and breakfasts nationwide and it is a great place to meet the locals. There are bunch of bed and breakfasts that are family friendly.


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