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My family wants to rent a house in the Caribbean that will accommodate five couples. It should be near or on a beach, fairly accessible for my grandparents, and on an island that has pretty good snorkeling and maybe some sightseeing. Surfing on the Atlantic side and/or access to a hobiecat are plusses. The villa/house may or may not be part of a larger resort.

     Can you suggest a place?  

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Hi Chris,

I'd like to suggest the Ocho Rios, Jamaica villa of Cavel Capalbo.

Her website is

The owner lives in Boston, and has been an member for over a year.

Best Regards

Hi Chris,

There are so many wonderful villas in the Caribbean. I'd be hesitant to recommend a place without a little more information from you and without knowing your budget. I prefer to match clients with the perfect villa. If you haven't already located a villa or found someone to work with, please let me know. You can reach out to me here or shoot me an email at


hi Chris,

I am going to give you suggestions. You did not say what region but I think i have 3-4 villas that will accommodate a group of 10.  They are listed on my website . You did not specify a budget

Quaint Jamaica Beach Resort

Jamaica Villa

Eleuthera Villa

St Thomas Villa



Thx for these suggestions and I will look into all of them. Two of you asked about my budget. This is a mixed income group with two of the couples young and just getting started so we can't rent anything too expensive.
The jamaica beach resort is a budget property. Some of the other properties are luxury. Jamaica - they have several cottages in a beach resort.. and there price is budget oriented.

Hi I have several places for rent it depends on the time of the year and the budget :-)

Let me know any island prefs and dates etc and Ill send you a few ideas ..






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