Looking to connect with PR companies that represent luxury boutique hotels in Asia, SE Asia, Oceania

Dear PR professional,

My wife and I are travelling the world on a 500-day honeymoon, reviewing luxury hotels and excursions in every country we visit, for Honeymoons.com. Thus far we have partnered with over 30 resorts throughout South America and Africa. Our journey will now lead to China, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & Hawaii. In addition to numerous articles and syndication opportunities, and a plethora of social media mentions, we have a rather unique partnership with Honeymoons.com which we leverage for the benefit of each hotel/resort we partner with.

If you would like to hear more about the potential partnership and how it can expose your client's hotel/resort to the honeymoon community at literally no cost to anyone (our partnership are 100% barter for all parties), we would love to talk more over email or phone. MikeAnne@HoneyTrek.com Skype: HoneyTrek.


Mike & Anne Howard





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Congratulations Mike and Anne! How many Unique Visitors does honeymoons.com get? And/or what is its alexa rating? 

Thanks for reaching out. Honeymoons.com just redesigned their entire site, so the uniques have taken a slight dip, currently around 20-40k per month. Between HoneyTrek & Honeymoons.com our Twitter + Facebook + Pinterest audience is over 5,000+ loyal followers. Note: The honeymoons audience are a very affluent group of followers who are planning a honeymoon of their own, so obviously they are a highly coveted audience.

Hi Mike and Anne, You did not tell me you still needed contacts for China and Japan. Please email if you have specific areas you are looking for. -- Marian

Marian, our Asia PR angel! How's the Japan trip so far?

Yes, we are still looking for a boutique hotel partner in Shanghai and Beijing. With regards to Japan, if "The Trip of All Trips" that we discussed is a go, then we don't need a single other Japan PR contact!!!!

So yes, if you have any honeymoon luxury we should experience in Shanghai or Beijing we would love to talk with them!

The HoneyTrek-ers!

Hi Mike, I am going to respond directly to you my email. Had breakfast yesterday morning with Hoshino Resorts PR and dinner last night with RC Okinawa GM.


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