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Niche travel companies are great in developing exceptional itineraries. They are usually weak in marketing them because of lack of sufficient marketing dollars. Is there a way to identify and approach other companies potentially interested in the same travel philosophy and subjects?

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Any travel and tour operator can get courtesy listed links at simply offer direct booking discounts or special member-only prices and you can offer TopTravelVouchers by destination and activity...full info on 'Add Your Travel Site' will even be offered a free family membership for your own savings on travel and shopping in over 100 countries....

Thanks Tony, I'll try that. I was thinking of trying to connect directly with some t.op. but I don't know which one would be open to this.

The Top Travel Club sounds very interesting!


@tony humphrey,thats a good piece of advice and good lead,we were also looking on how to market our itineraries internationally.

@patrizia,we are together in this,lets all pull our efforts together.

@ wild odyssey safaris: it would be nice to help each other but we all offer different products in different countries. Not sure how to go about this.For me, for instance, it would be hard to sell safaris!


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