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Foodies in NYC, I need your help.  Can you tell me your favorite food trucks, where they are and what you like?  Thanks -- working on a story.

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Indian food truck on 6th Ave and 46th Street - they have the best Kathi Rolls. Check out these postings from my blog:
Mireille -- Thanks so much for writing. Is that the truck that has the ridiculously long lines all the time? Or is it another one on this street? I will try both of them if there are two.

it's the one with the ridiculous long lines - that's why the lines are so's the best
The Mexican food truck that comes once or twice a week to the south side of 96th St., just west of Broadway. I guess you could get tacos etc. there, but Carol and I used to buy the whole dinner plate (cheap yet good) -- say, pork in an adobo sauce over rice and beans -- for less than $10.
Also excellent: the Halal truck on Sixth Avenue near West Fourth (or is it Third?) Street.
Also, if you need details on that halal truck, I can get them for you this week.
Yes, please!

Ed Wetschler said:
Also, if you need details on that halal truck, I can get them for you this week.
There are a bunch always on Lexington between 86th and 87th.

Here's one I know by name:

There's a pretty permanent Mexican food truck there and the occasional cupcake truck as well.
Meryl, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Slight problem with my hard drive. My former hard drive. Anyway, the halal turck I mentioned is Sammay's Halal Food on Sixth Avenue, just about West Fourth St. (east side of the avenue). Sammay's makes terrific kebab over rice for $5 and even more terrific chapli kebab (the chopped, sausage-like meat) over rice (same price). There's a veggie platter ($5) that's varied and good, and the falafel sandwich ($3) is both delicious and a steal. FYI, you can also get a hot dog at Sammay's for a buck fifty, but why would you?


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