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I need to decide which CRM system to use for my agency. We have been using ClientBase online, but it is so slow and takes several pages to input basic information. Also, I'd like more customization on my newsletters and marketing pieces then CB offers. Can you recommend any other CRM's for travel agents that I can research?

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Selecting a CRM (or for that matter any Vendor Packaged Solution) involves a detailed review of one's business processes. But essentially it boils down to the following - How big is your company, How large is your clientele and/or customer base, what is the Total Cost of Operation (meaning do you have to apart from licensing fees, hire or pay for extra support ?) and finally how technology adept is your staff. 

What might work for one company, might not work for you and your company. If you are a small company, do a one, or two page requirements checklist; and if large start with RFP (Request For Proposal) 

Thank you Anil. I have considered all of those factors but am having trouble finding CRMs that are specifically geared towards the travel industry. Are you aware of any besides clienbase? I can;t semto find a list on any of the industry sites.

Hello, I am looking for a great CRM too, so lets hope someone is going to reply soon. Best regards, Mariusz 


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