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I'm planning a trip. Maybe you can help me.

1. I heard that mud slides washed out some of the trails last year. Have all the trails been restored?

2. We want to stay in just one or two places instead of all five towns. Which towns, and which hotels?

3. What airport would you suggest we land in? 


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Hello Sam,

1. I am not so sure that all the trails have been restored.

2. You may stay in Riomaggiore at La Scogliera or by the lovely Hotel Villa Steno in Monterosso (my first choice!)

3. You can either land in Pisa or Genoa. Both locations are not that far from Cinque Terre. 

Enjoy beautiful Cinque Terre!



I can help you with Q2 & 3


A2: I actually stayed out of Cinque Terre, in the nearest town, Levanto, which is very well connected by train to all of the 5 places. We stayed in a B&B and it was good  and close to the train station:


A3 Pisa or Genoa

1) yes

2) I suggest Manarola from where you can walk the love path, aft you can have a little boat tour to see aal the 5 villages in 1day trip. Suggest to stay in

3) landing PISA airport (PSA) from where "Rent a tuscan friend" minivan limo service will transfer you there for 200€ 1-4pax   Reservations: att. Franco that it's me ;-)


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