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Hi Experts!
I have a question: I have an international flight from sydney (via santiago) to Buenos Aires that arrives in Buenos Aires at 5.10pm. I would then like to get a domestic flight from Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata which departs at 6.15 pm.
Is it possible to make this flight??  The next flight after 6.15 is 8.40am the next morning, so Id very much like to make the 6.15 flight..
Many thanks!

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Stue, the B.A. airport is fairly compact, but others who know it better than I may weigh in. One question, though: what airline are you flying from Sydney/Santiago and connecting to within Argentina?

Hi Dave,




Does this help??



Yes, and your ongoing connection within Argentina, what airline is that?  If it's also LAN, I think you may be fine, as the gates should then be fairly close. On the other hand, Buenos Aires will be your international point of entry from Chile, so the question is, will there be passport controls and so forth that might take you too much time to make that Mar de Plata flight. So let's let the Argentina mavens weigh in...

That connection might be a little tight, so I can't blame you for asking about this. Different countries have different rules the minimum time period passengers must allow for a connection in order to avoid being financially responsible if something goes wrong. In the United States that period is 45 minutes (I think); in some European countries it's three hours or more. What is it in Argentina?

Two other thoughts:

1. If your options on the BA-Mar del Plata flight are so limited, might you be able to fly on an earlier flight out of Sydney?

2. Alternatively, might you want to stop in BA and book an airport hotel room, and then grab that 8:40 a.m. flight? 

Flights for Mar del Plata go from another airport too, which is in the city proper and not EZE.  You could take a deluxe bus to MDP. 

A little late in seeing this - the other flight likely leaves from Newbury airport, not the Ezeiza, so you would never make it - even in the same airport - one hour is too tight...........let me know what happened - the other option is to land, and head to the bus station,  but the bus is about 5 hours anyway......................Michael Luongo (Frommers Buenos Aires)

It is winter now in Argentina. The post was in March. :)

Yes, the domestic airport is in the city, and Ezeiza is far off from the city.


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