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We intend to take some pictures (professional) of the Crow Fair in Montana.  Any suggestions about best place to stay, best day to go, etc.?

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The 2010 Crow Fair takes place Aug 18 - 23, but some of those days are local families coming together. Best days to be there would be Aug. 21 and Aug.22, when the Crow Fair welcomes visitors. There is a colorful parade on Aug. 21 prior to the start of the dancing and drumming (generally starts around 10 am). Sometimes there is a fee for professional photographers; if this is the case, you will usually see a sign at the entrance stating what the fee is. If you plan on selling your images, you would need a model release if you are singling out individuals to photograph. Always ask permission for taking individual photographs at this event. There are also times when they ask for no photos to be taken - please be respectful of these requests. The closest hotel/motel accommodations are in Hardin, Montana about 10 miles from the Crow Fair. I would recommend making reservations now; if you cannot get into any lodging in Hardin, Billings Montana is the next best option (1 hr. drive). Log onto (state travel website) for listings of all accommodations in both Hardin and Billings. I have stayed at the Super 8 and American Inn in Hardin..both good choices.
Thank you so much for this valuable information! We are always respectful of Native American requests and beliefs and appreciate you mentioning this to us. Any idea what the fee may be?
No clue. I've been there about 5 times and only once did I see a fee - around $20. But you never has become very popular for photographers!




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