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my family plan travel to Thailand next month, please advise some good tips for: hotels, where to go, what to eat,


many thanks



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There are many great hotels and things to do in Thailand. It's a big and diverse country!  Do you have an idea of where you will be going and what you will be doing there? What standard of hotels do you usually stay in?  Thailand offers everything from roach-infested guesthouses to absolute luxury at a much lower price than you would pay at home.


I am a travel agent specializing in Thailand and certified by the Tourist Authority of Thailand.  I'd be happy to help you put together and hotel and tour package for you and your family.


Karen Hogue

Wonderful World Journeys

Yes, please help us help you by giving us some idea where you might be planning to visit - Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai...?  How long is your trip going to be? What are your family's interests? More specifics would help.



rightnow we have no ideal about those. We plan stay in Thailand 10 days but not sure at the moment. can you give me some ideals! many thanks for your effort



I'd love to help, but I need to know more.  How old are your family members? What does everyone like to do?  My general suggestions are to spend a few days in Bangkok, a few days in Chiang Mai and a few days at the beach, and since you'll be going in July, I'd recommend Koh Samui, as the weather is better there.


As far as what to eat -- I say if it smells good, try it!  You'll also be there during one of the best fruit season's, with Mangos and Durian in their prime, so be sure to try lots of fruit!  


And shopping -- it really depends on what kind of shopping you're looking for.  Bangkok has the big fancy stores and shopping malls, Chiang Mai has it's awesome Night Bazaar and is home to most of the handicraft producers in Thailand. There's not as much shopping in the south, but it's getting a bit better (though prices are higher).  


Hope that helps a little!  I'll be able to help more when I know more about you! 

Without knowing your interests, budget and style it's hard to make specific recommendations. Here is a link to our Thailand page with information about the destination based on our teams' actual stays late last year

We published detailed profiles with lots of information on options in several parts of the country our team members stayed at, experienced and photographed including Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Hua Hin:

Andara a rental home -

The Boathouse restaurant -

DusitD2 hotel -

Hansar Samui hotel -

Luxsa Spa -

Palm Spa -

Rayavadee hotel -

Rest Detail hotel -

Santhiya resort -

Tamarind village hotel -

Tongsai Bay hotel -

Twin Palms hotel -


We hope they are helpful!

My brother spends a month in Thailand every year because his youngest son lives there. In an email to me, he says, he's not really qualified to give advice. Then he proceeds to give advice:


"Because of the horrendous traffic situation, I would personally book a hotel very close to the BTS [overhead rail system] for ease of transportation. I am not positive, but there may be one great hotel within blocks of 
the last station on the river before it crosses to the other side [where there are no real tourist sites]. Some of the boutique hotels are much less expensive than the mega properties.
   Definitely recommend food surfing in the malls [Siam, and the "World?}- right next door - the food at the restaurants in the food courts unlike anything here in the USA. Certainly, Chinatown is fascinating - comes to life after dark [probably to be avoided during the day. Probably recruit a guide when viewing the "Wats" otherwise the temples make little sense. We went to Ko Lanta - had fun, but if we had it to do over again, would rather go somewhere else. 
There is a great vegetarian Mediterranean style restaurant in Chiang Mai with a counterpart in BKK [ right off a stop on the BTS] which is noteworthy [Dane knows the name for both of these locations. Remember, the street food is really the best way to go for luvch - pick and choose. Best way to select is point and shoot.
Learn the term for "not too spicy!" mae phet "krap", if you are a man, "mae phet ka", for a woman."



And here's a roundup on great places to eat in Bangkok written by a Barbara Orr, a terrific food writer.

Great suggestions by  Karen, Ed and others.  Bangkok, and other places in Thailand offer a wide range of accomodations, however you have to decide what is critical in terms of facilities these places offer, and what is important to you. If being in touch is important, then internet access in the room should be an important consideration; If you are planning to be outdoors most of the day, then most of the in-hotel amenities like a swimming pool, spa, choice of restaurants, 24 hour room service should not be a consideration. 


Bangkok in particular, and Thailand in general is great for culinary experience. I consider the streets of Bangkok to be a Eat-In kitchen, with a reasonable degree of cleanliness. In BKK, The BTS (Sky train) is very convenient to traverse many of the places of interest; however it is not as widespread as New York's subways or the London Tube. 


Shopping: As with other places in Asia, no price is final. You have to bargain, and find what you feel you want to pay. The best bargain in BKK in IMHO is custom shirts made of thai silk, suits if you want, and formal dresses if you prefer. 


Be aware of cab drivers, or tuk-tuks that want to take you to an emporium selling tailored dresses, gems, and other high-end markup tourist traps.


In whole of Asia (Delhi,Mumbai,Hongkong, Singapore,Kuala Lumpor..) Sunday brunch in a 5 Star hotel in Bangkok is a treat to be indulged in, bar none !!!


Take a cheap ride in a ferry boat in Bangkok and hop off when you feel like it and get lost in the alleys of chinatown.


Well if you can afford it the Peninsula is awesome but if that is out of your price range check Royal River Hotel... on the river with free shuttle to River Mall... and for untimely flights stay at the Novotel at the airport... beautiful - not your typical airport hotel...


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