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How do you think about a  trip to Mount Everest at this time? Give some tips, please!

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Dream, a tour operator in Nepal sent this to Tripatini headquarters instead of posting it here for you, so I will: 

Thank you for forwarding mail to me. I m pleased to hear from you.
Wish to get more support in coming days. If you need any partner to
provide info about Himalaya, feel free to connect with me. I will be happy
to work with you.
Thank you.
Explore Everest trekking
Thamel kathmandu Nepal


Welcome to Nepal, the land of great Himalayas and the top of the world Mount Everest.

for a trip to Mount Everest - just visit or contact Angel Tours Nepal -

Asia pagani from Italy wrote in 2011 about my experience in Nepal and recommends as guide, Sanjib Adhikari.
This year at the end of february i went in Nepal for 18 days for the second time and i did a small trekking in the Annapurna region, I went to visit Pokhara, Kathmandu, Bakthapur and Nagarkot and I saw the National Park of Chitwan and in this trip I had the pleasure to meet Sanjib Adhikari.
He is an independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal and he has already obtained trekking guide license from the ministry of tourism, government of Nepal.
In his work Sanjib is a person very responsible and serious, very helpful and attentive to his customers, he knows very well the mountain because he has many years of experience and is also an excellent guide for visiting the cities.
He is someone very competent in his work and always ready to find the best solution, if necessary and speaks English very well.During the trekking and the tours he will tell you many interesting things about culture, about life in the villages, mountains, history and traditions in Nepal.
The best thing is that Sanjib loves his country very much and loves his work and always manages to convey all his enthusiasm with simple ways and always with the smile. He is a very nice person and is always attentive to the needs of his customers. Sanjib is also very funny and after this experience we became a very good friend. Next year at the end of January I will return for the third time in Nepal and Sanjib will be again my guide. 
For these reasons I am very glad to report all references of Sanjib
He Is cantact adress

There is no substitute for personalized attention. I traveled to Nepal to visit Everest Base Camp. I traveled alone and had certain trepidation about traveling on my own, but I also knew I wanted to escape the pressures of trekking in a large group. Altitude and safety are paramount on mountain treks and I did not want to end-up hyperventilating trying to keep-up with faster, fitter, trekkers. 
Even though, I have altitude experience, I relied heavily on my guide's advice regarding what to eat, pace, and hydration. I have climbed and summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro, so I was confident I could complete this trek, but nothing can prepare you for the terrain of the Hymalayas. it is truly a humbling experience.
Mr. Adhikari came highly recommended by other trekkers, who were only too willing to write positive and detailed letters of recommendation. I found that all their recommendations were more than true. Mr. Adhikari has been to Everest Base Camp more than 50 plus times, as a woman traveling alone, I found his level of professionalism refreshing. I cannot count the times, Mr. Adhikari truly saved me from my inexperienced trekking self. Anything from ensuring I would.
not be run over by a Yak, horse, or donkey to keeping me focused on the difficult terrain, and somehow ensuring I stopped long enough to enjoy the scenery (in spite of my exhaustion). I shudder to think what my trek would have been like if I'd been just another trekker in a large group. I have to comment that I have never been so healthy-stomach wise at altitude. 
Mr. Adhikari explains that when organizing for larger groups, he makes provisions for trekkers like me who tend to walk at a slower pace. I thought for sure that, this time, my ambition had superseded my ability, but thanks to Mr. Adhikari, my long time dream of seeing Everest Base Camp first hand came true. I was able to spend time in the rarified air and observe camp life, took plenty of pictures, and asked Mr. Adhikari numerous questions about his experiences around the area. 
I was very aware of the economic implications of traveling with a Nepali Operator vs. a foreign trekking company. I wanted my trip not to only be a self-serving adventure, but numerous travel books suggest that traveling with a Nepali Operator does ensure more of the money goes and stays into the Nepali economy. I was unsure how the whole experience would unfold, but I am staying here and going to Annapurna Base Camp with the same operator. Mr. adhikari seems to be grounded on the mountain community ad well as in Kathmandu. It was reassuring to see he has good and long standing relationships with other guides and the mountain community.

Visited April 2012.

Nepal Mount Everest Base Camp Trek or Trip considered getting you real close-up to the ‘King of all Mountains’ Mt. Everest, the highest mountain on the planet"

Everest Base Camp Trek

Breathtaking Trek to Everest Base camp, the earth’s tallest-Mt. Everest [8,848m) in Nepal offers unexpected possibility for every one willing to do Nepal Everest Base camp trekking. The Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the major trekking in the earth together and limitless chances to walk beyond Himalayas where Sir Admund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay programmed off on their spirited journey on 1953.

Trekking in Nepal

Taking pleasure in and discovering the Sherpa heartland of the Solukhumbu area the Everest Kala Patthar trek route amendment the biggest monastery in Tengboche, inspiring Everest Himalaya’s views including Planet’s highest mountains. An extra unexpected yellowing of Everest Base camp trek is a dream to stay lodge/tea houses and look into the complete Himalayan classic livelihood.

The two weeks or 14 days trip to Everest Base Camp is discovered by thousands of guests which take you to the land of Sherpas- Khumbu region fallowing the similar track of Tenzing Norgay and Admund Hillary as well as other admired climbers of the Himalayas. During Everest Base camp hiking package take enjoyment from the overwhelming vistas of the Everest Himalayan chain of Khumbu area that contain five of the world’s highest Himalaya Mt. Everest (8,848m), Mt, Makalu (8,463m), Mt, Cho Oyu (8153m), Mt. Lhotse (8,501m) and Mt. Lhotse Shar (8,393m) increasing senior than anything else. Extra than Trek to Mount Everest Base camp take highlights into the living of universal famous climbers, the Sherpas, learn usually earth legacy site of Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park that crowd a combination of mountain flora and faunas also take an opportunity to lookup the major Buddhist monastery in Nepal.




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