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Exploring Frankfurt's Underrated Food  & Culture Scene

Frankfurt am Main usually doesn't rate high on the list of Germany's must-visit cities due to its often misunderstood reputation as a staid financial services center. One of Frankfurt's most visible distinctions contributing to stereotypes like this is its impressive skyline most dramatically viewed from MaiN ToWer's rooftop observation platform. While World War II bombings obliterated downtown's original architectural treasures and footprint, they also gave the city a clean slate for reconstruction largely funded through the Marshall Plan. And Frankfurt's dining in particular is an amazing mix of traditional local and sophisticated international, with...  keep reading


4 Top Spots for Canyoning in Europe

Canyoning is a fast-paced adventure sport that's swiftly sweeping the world. The activity entails the utilization of various skills and techniques to conquer the world’s most challenging environments, as it prompts you to master jumping, running, climbing, abseiling, diving, but also to create mental fortitude and persevere amidst the perils of Mother Nature. Sound like fun? It totally is, and in order to experience the adventure of a lifetime, here are the three unforgettable places to go canyoning in Europe.... keep reading

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