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Latin America's Top 7 Gay Travel Meccas

After Europe and the USA, significant chunks of Latin America have seen, despite the traditionally conservative nature of Latin society, the greatest world advancement in LGBTQ acceptance and rights – even including the freedom to marry in ArgentinaBrazilColombiaMexico, and Uruguay. All of that makes the diversity and sheer excitement of this part of the world even more appealing to gay people across the board, but there are a select few destinations which have become particularly welcoming. So as World Pride Month comes to its culminating week. I’ve put together my top seven LatAm gay travel choices. One or two might even surprise you!  keep reading

5 Handsome Hostelries in Scenic, Stupendous Sicily

C'era una volta (once upon a time), the Mediterranean's largest island was a handsome but clannish, primitive backwater known as a stronghold of the Mafia and the Catholic Church. These days...well, admittedly there's still some of that hanging on, but this remarkable island of spectacular Greco-Roman ruins, inviting beaches, and historic towns has also put a firm foot forward into the 21st century in many ways. Not least of which, for the visitor, involving its lodging, with some of Italy's loveliest lodgings. Here are five recently experienced... keep reading 

photos |  Thelma Datter, Baglio Sorìa Wine Resort

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