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Get a Piece of the Rock: Inimitable Gibraltar in the Spotlight

One of Europe’s quirkier enclaves – as well as its last remaining colony – is a singular bit of business stuck down at the foot of the Spanish region Andalusia. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood – especially the Costa del Sol, many of whose main resort areas lie within a drive of and hour to 90 minutes – Gibraltar‘s unusual mix of history, sociology, and nature is well worth a day trip or even overnighter. And nowadays, perhaps more than ever, now that the territory has become even more of a bone of contention between Spain and Great Britain as a result of the ongoing process of Brexit. So what's all the fuss about? Let's have a look For visitors, the colony's quirks begin the moment you cross the border from the city of La Línea de la Concepción – because to actually get into Gib, you have to first... keep reading

Central Japan's Spectacular Tayakama Festival

The memorable Takayama Matsuri takes place twice a year – October 9-10 and April 14-15 in central Japan's ancient city Takayama. Considered among the country's three top and most beautiful festivals (the others being the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto and the Chichubu Matsuri in Saitama), it dates back 350 years, and in 2016 it was among the 33 Japanese float festivals designated collectively as UNESCO Intangible Cultural HeritageA central component is the floats showcasing karakuri ngyo, elaborate marionettes which are an artistic specialty of this region but whose numbers were decimated by... keep reading

photos |   Marcin Krzyzak , Marian Goldberg

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Central Japan's Takayama Matsuri Festival

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