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Denmark Beyond Copenhagen: 3 Delightful Small Cities

The Vikings may be long, long gone, but even these days, getting into the Viking spirit (in a good way) isn’t all that hard: you no longer have to board a narrow longboat with a lot of greasy, smelly chaps and pillage countrysides, but just hop on a jetliner to
 Denmark's wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, then head out into the also wonderful hinterland, where in particular, you'll find the cities of Aalborg (left), Aarhus, Odense are... keep reading

Souvenir Shopping in Latin America

When it comes to shopping on holiday, the 20 countries of Ibero-America are a stupendous trove that reflect the diversity of both their modern culture and their Hispanic and pre-Columbian heritages. Some of the most striking items that decorate my home are from this region, including colorful Talavera plates from Mexico, Costa Rican pottery based on ancient Chorotega designs, brilliant molas of Panama's Kuna people, and a Modiglianesque dog that's a lovely example of woodworking from Brazil's Pernambuco state. That's not even counting the edible and potable delectables you cannot easily find...keep reading

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