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Plenty of Canada Cool in Toronto, Eh?

Ah, we progressive folks in the USA do especially love Canada and prime minister Joe Trudeau these days, especially now that it's become along with Germany the leader of the free world. But I've always loved every Canadian city I've ever visited, and none more than Canada's largest city and metro area so much? Well, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing many, many of the world’s biggest, but this sprawling charmer on Lake Ontario (pop. 2.6 million) feels unique to me in the mix of urban, progressive excitement and diversity of a first-tier, world-class city while never feeling overwhelming. And all with a, well, liberal dose of that famous Canadian friendliness and civility... keep reading

When and How Fear of Flying Can Start

When fear of flying develops, it's sometimes because there has been a bad flight. But, in many cases, difficulty begins for no apparent reason. The average age of onset is 27. The truth is, many of us become more anxious as we get older and more mature. As teenagers, when parents told us to be careful, we thought they were from some other planet! We thought bad things happen to other people, or in places far away.  As we grow older and (hopefully) wiser – or as something shocking hits home – we become more aware of how vulnerable we are, and we think more often about what could go wrong. We look for ways to stay in control, and avoid situations we do not control. Staying safe isn’t always a simple and straighforward matter. Our judgment is colored by feelings. Statistics point to flying as the safest mode of travel. Yet driving feels safer. Why? It’s because of... keep reading

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Plenty of Canada Cool in Toronto, Eh?

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