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Chile's Extraordinary Rapa Nui - aka Easter Island

Chile is a very special country indeed, full of very special sights and experiences. But the Polynesian island of Rapa Nui is not only special, but dramatically unique in all the world. What makes it worth the time (a five-hour flight from Santiago), effort, and expense to make your way out to this wee chunk of rock in the middle of the southeastern Pacific Ocean –  one of the world’s most remoted inhabited islands? Named Isla de Pascua because it was found by Europeans (this is case, a Dutch explorer) on Easter Sunday 1722, this chunk of real estate may be small – just 164 square kilometres (63 sq. miles) – but it’s special and even magical enough to merit a stay of a few days, because... keep reading

Haunted Destinations: Hunting Witches in Navarre, Spain

The forests here in this part of northern Spain are lovely and verdant, but they also exude an aura of mystery – and not just because of the sounds of the animals and the wind in the trees. Up in the north of the of Spain’s ethnically Basque autonomous community of Navarre, near the French border, the shire of Xareta is home to a town called Zugarramurdi, an hour’s drive from San Sebastián and just slightly more than that from Pamplona. Once upon a time, it was a hotbed of witches – and today the legacy lives on. More than four centuries ago, on 7 November of 1610, a notorious auto-da-fé (judgment) was held here, in which 11 of 21 local people accused of witchcraft were condemned to burn at the stake. But what was scandalous and horrifying 400 years ago is good marketing today, so in recent years Zugarramurdi has been dining on this murky episode of the occult in its past, promoting itself as... keep reading

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Chile's Extraordinary Rapa Nui - aka Easter Island

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