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4 Things That Will Change Your Mind About Johannnesburg

by Hoodaki Travel  South Africa's largest city, dubbed Joburg and Jozi, may also be its most visited, but not by travelers on holiday. That's because of most people seem to believe there's not much to see or do here except indulge in plush hotels, trendy bars and swank restaurants. Travelers generally use Johannesburg as an ideal transit point to final destinations such as Cape Town or Kruger National Park, but... keep reading

As NASA Retools, Kennedy Space Center Still an Exciting Visit

by Traveling Erik  During the heyday of the U.S. manned space program, every rocket launch here at Florida's Cape Canaveral drew crowds from all over the world, and fed a bustling tourism business at Kennedy Space Center. Now that the shuttle program has ended, things are quieter, for sure, but there are still satellite and other rocket launches, and facilities are being retooled to accommodate eventual commercial spaceflight. And visitors still flock to see the exhibits, attractions, and monumental structures where... keep reading

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