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Dying to Visit 3 of Hollywood's Coolest Celebrity Cemeteries

MGM Studios’ motto during its heyday was “more stars than there are in heaven”. That studio and that heyday are long gone, of course, but you can still go say hello to those stars of the golden age of Hollywood – plus a lot of the more recent ones – at several of the majestic cemeteries of Los Angeles.  keep reading

Hotel/Tourism Security After the Las Vegas Shootings

When tourism-industry historians write about the early 21st century, they may well view the week of October 1, 2017 as one of its hardest moments.  The week began with news of terrorism attacks in both France and Canada, then quickly culminated in the shocking massacre of 59 concertgoers which took place at Mandalay Bay Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Most people understandably want to know the personal history of shooter Stephen Paddock and what motivated him. But there are other issues even more important to society at large than the mass murderer himself, and hospitality/tourism-industry professionals in particular needs to be careful not to get distracted by a single tree from the perils to the entire forest.  

Instead, they must concentrate on the truly paramount issue: how do we protect visitors, locals, event attendees, employees, and security and law enforcement agents in an age of uncertainty and violence. These questions and the answers we can discover are the most important lessons we learn from the Las Vegas attack. What has happened is now history, and it is our task to help the victims heal as best as they can, as well as seek ways in which the tourism industry together with governments and law enforcement can we work together to prevent future tragedies...  keep reading

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