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Ways to Make Your Next Camping Trip an Eco-Friendly One

"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints." You might have seen this sign at tourist destinations but the question is do you really implement it. Many people ignore this sign or simply walk away leaving behind a trail of litter at the time of departure. However, it is not a good sign especially when you are visiting place with rich flora and fauna; you do not wish to disturb the ecosystem which is established already.

People who go for camping might litter more than those who go for short trips. One must always remember that littering is no good as it is one of the reasons for epidemic of health issues caused due to littering and decomposition of it. You can always change things around by implementing certain ways to minimize the litter and transform your camping into an eco-friendly one. In this article, we are going to explore certain ways to keep the campsite.

Leave-no-trace principles to minimize litter at camping near Mumbai

Plan in advance

While planning camping near Mumbai or Pune, you must study the place/campsite. Visit the place if possible or else Google about it and its surrounding area. This is how you can learn about camping rules in that specific area. This also helps in preparing in advance so that chances of littering gradually go down. Pawna lake camping is also one of the featured places to visit near Mumbai and Pune. Which is really suitable for lakeside camping. This place is surrounded by four different historical forts like Tikona, Tung, Visapur and Lohgad. If you are planning any weekend trip then Pawna lake is one of our top suggestions. 

Try durable surfaces

Durable surfaces are established trails and campsites. In order to minimize littering, you must travel and camp on durable surfaces. People often disrupt the purity of the area while creating new pathways and campsites. To prevent littering, one should avoid it.

Arrange proper disposal of waste

Make it a habit of packing up waste and throw it wherever you see a dustbin. Don’t leave any trash behind before you leave the campsite. Human waste should be buried 6 to 8 inches under the ground at least 200 feet away from any water body.

Reduce campfire impacts

The ash produced from the campfire is also a waste and needs to be disposed properly otherwise it becomes one of the reasons to pollute the campsite. Regardless you are camping near Mumbai or Pune, you must use proper campfire devices to diminish campfire waste. Campfire must be burnt down to ashes and once the ash becomes cool, dispose it away especially away from water bodies.

Don’t disturb wildlife

It is a good practice not to approach wild animals or feed them. It is good for the surroundings and for your own safety as well. Do not touch or follow any wild animal.

Be thoughtful of other campers

Remember, you will not be the last person to visit the campsite. Therefore, it comes naturally that you must clean the campsite before you leave to make it easier for the next campers to enjoy camping near Pune.

How to minimize waste while camping

While you follow the leave-no-trash and clean the campsite before you leave, you can reduce waste production by following certain rules while you are camping. Follow the tips given below:

  • Spread your camp in the smallest space possible
  • Get information about the wildlife of the campsite your are visiting
  • Do not litter anywhere. Ask the organizers or locals about the dumping site to dispose the waste.
  • Use the allotted fire pit
  • Let the campfire burn to ashes
  • Carry waste disposal bags

With these simple ways you can make your camping eco-friendly one. Do it in your next camping near Mumbai.

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