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TWENDE MARA is a Swahili word basically meaning lets go to Mara.Mara is a Maasai word meaning mottled or spotted. This name was given to this game reserve by the Maasai which are the semi-nomadic tribe inhibiting around the park.The name came about due to the spotted nature of shrubs and bushes in this reserve.

      Masai Mara national reserve covers about 1,510 Square kilometers (583 Sq miles) in the south-western part of Kenya.The terrain is primarily grassland with seasonal river lets. There are also clumps of distinctive acacia trees .

The grassland and spotted shrubs in the Mara

      Masai Mara boast of a wealth of wild animals and this has earned it a worldwide recognition; From tourist to researchers to photographers,film makers,documentaries, the Mara is the place to be. Here you are in a position to sport the big five without much struggle and many,many more distinct wild animals

      And the good part is,African Game Trek is giving you a lifetime opportunity to be one of the visitors to the Mara this Christmas at a very competitive price,the cheapest in the industry and the best customer service ever; we mean our word. Learn how...

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