My e-book on Jordan has just been released

I am very excited to announce that my first e-book has been released, titled Jordan: A Different Middle East. Read the official announcement from the publisher. It follows my journey through some of the lesser-known parts of the country that are just as spectacular as Petra and Wadi Rum. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of it. :)

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Comment by Lori Henry on April 3, 2012 at 10:53pm


Comment by B&B Tarussio on July 16, 2011 at 12:04pm

Hi Lori!!

I have taken a look at "", I've found the official announcement very interesting not only because I'm very keen on the world and culture of travellers but particularly because of an important TV programm of popular scientific called, "Superquark". It has been able to capture the attention of a part of Italian people like me for 25 consecutive years. Last thurday I watched a beautiful documentary, I can only imagine what could mean for you that your first e-book has been released!! I want to tell you a big "Good Luck"!!!!!!

I'm very passionate also in English language but how you can understand is a "working progress"!! at the moment.  If you could be interested in  to join me to chat and/or to talk through Msn or Skype you'll find me on Tripatini!!

See you!!



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