For around ten days, I was traveling the country of Morocco.  Join me as, I quest for some of the biggest cities as well as the Sahara Desert.

I started my trip by traveling to Morocco’s fabled blue city Chef Chauhan.

It’s cool to get lost in the old medina. But Chef Chauhan is so stunning I didn't mind wandering through its cobalt labyrinth. Chef Chauhan is a prodigious place to get your shopping done.  The shop owners aren't as belligerent as you’ll catch in the big cities making it a familiar experience.

The street cats are iconic to the blue city and they absolutely won't afraid of the camera. But no matter whereever you turn in Chef Chauhan you'll discover an amazing photo opportunity.

I propose spending some days stay here before moving for a four-hour bus ride to Fez.

The push and flurry experience of Fez is invigorating.  It’s tough to rest your eyes when exploring through available markets of this city which are full of small artisanal shops. Yeah, I found them each one unique and having their own specialty.

Certainly, this place asks a lot of skills from you. You might get confuse and if not, then you will certainly miss a lot of interesting places, knowledge and gossips about this city and its markets. It's actually a good idea to employ one local, experienced and energetic guide before going here. And, I am mentioning it because once you make it in this city’s market and streets, you might never find it easy to make out of its confusing market areas.

The highlight of my Morocco trip was an adventure to the Sahara Desert where I stayed in a glamping tent for two wonderful nights with desert luxury camp.

During my time there, I got to check an item off my bucket list by riding a camel through the Sahara Desert 

In the evenings, we enjoyed a dinner of homemade tagine and gathered around the fire for traditional live music and dancing.

 If you don't have time to visit the Sahara Desert, there's another option only 45 minutes from downtown Marrakech Scarabeo Camp offers a similar all-inclusive glamping experience with gorgeous views of Morocco's iconic Atlas Mountains.

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