Why Beautiful Kerala, India Is a Safe Destination Even During the Pandemic


As many have written on this blog, India's southwesternmost state - which bills itself as "God's own country" - has for years enticed visitors with its picture-perfect tropical landscapes, pristine rivers, white beaches, cerulean seas, charming "hill stations," and Ayurvedic tourism. For me personally, the images of Kerala that come to mind include pink bougainvillaea growing on the street corners; aromatic spice plantations; emerald-green fields of tea and coffee; tranquil backwaters bordered by swaying palm trees and plied by colorful houseboats. And of course the food - how could I forget to mention Kerala's spicy curries with coconut as the main ingredient? My taste buds salivate just thinking about them.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Stupendous Kerala

The public-health emergency the world is currently living through has of course affected tourism almost more than any other economic sector, especially devastating regions and countries which depend heavily on tourism. But only a few states like Kerala survived the situation and opened its doors to nature lovers and adventure enthusiast. Annually the state expects hundreds of tourist from various corners of the globe. Most of them avail of the cheap and best tour packagesto make their trip awesome and remarkable. But as Corona virus has crossed its limits there has been a drastic decline in the number of visitors, but now with the joint effort from the health department, the tourism sector started to enhance. Like other nation even Kerala the scintillating state has adopted several measures to prevent or eradicate the corona virus. In the following paragraphs, we could learn some measures practised by the health sector.

Steps Taken by Kerala to Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus

It is not for the first time Kerala, well-renowned as ‘god’s own country’ is facing the natural calamities. Just rewind a few years back and learn how the state faced the terrifying Nipah Virus. When the whole world was running behind to invent the accurate vaccine for the same it was only Kerala who concentrated to adopt steps to prevent the spread. Within a few months, the team work of both health department and political leaders gave them good result the state again started to produce good yields. In the following two consecutive years, unfortunately, faced natural calamities such as unexpected severe floods and disasters following to it. But still, the state did not lose its hope and worked hard to overcome the disaster. Without receiving much financial support from other nations the state rose like the phoenix bird from the ashes and created its own image in the world. Even during the pandemic Corona Virus the wise steps taken by the state helped them to prevent the spread of the disease to an extent. All of first the concerned medical authorities will check your body temperature, and if they find any slight variation, they will insist you to seek emergency medical care from nearby hospital centres. Even if you do not find any variation in your temperature, you will be asked to quarantine yourself for at least 7 days. Followed to it you can visit any place you like by wearing high-quality masks without any fail. To, make your journey awesome and stress-free grab the permission from the concerned authorities. Even though there are several restrictions on some of the tourist places, there are still some of the tourist places that heartily welcome the tourists. Wherever you are do not forget to maintain the social distancing and also to strictly adhere to COVID protocols.

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