I have been plane hopping from San Francisco to Denver, to Houston, Atlanta and finally New York. The flights have been uneventful except for the crazy crowds at Atlanta. This was result of delays, thanks to a stormy weather along the track from Houston to Atlanta and sitting it out figuring to eat or carry food packets on flight.

The crowded aisle and the wait inside the craft is probably due to charges on luggage. This was more prominent in Atlanta to New York flight and the going ons reminded me of Indian carriers a few years back. Once at New Delhi airport the security person had to remind an old lady that she was flying not traveling by train. It did apply here. I know the reasons are justifiable, airlines in the red, but then no charges is better than converting planes into trains.

Except for these minor glitches it has been an 'experiencing' vacation. New York is the last leg of journey, 10 days, and from here return to California and flying out to Hong Kong on Nov.5, 2009.

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