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Extra Big Sale 2013, Lets shop shop shop and shop people!

Whew, what are  you thinking about when you hear "shop"......hmmmm let me guess, i bet you think about a bunch of shopping bag, a happy face, a retail therapy, and you're walking out the counter's door with smile on your i right? or just my "too much" imagination??? Hello Ladiesssss...where's your voice??? Are you agree with me? Please ladies tell the truth :D

Anyway shopping is the best therapy for me and most people (ok, ladies i meant). Shopping always on my list in every month, ok every week honestly LoL, i think it's not too much, it's normal (kinda self defense? whatever!). But it would be my or your bad habbit, if you're shopping more than (almost) you got (your income), the disease named Credit Card, how much people in this world has spoiled by this "Fake Plastic Card"? For all shopaholic CC is a god or maybe better than my or your or his/her god i bet! but in the end of the mont or in a due date time of the CC, all shopaholic was crying (all night long, maybe!) she's cried for the amount she have to pay!

Hmm..based on that experience, i think that we should be a Smart shopaholic! What's the meaning of Smart shopaholic anyway?..... It means that we can buy all the stuffs that we want when the time comes? but when? The time's when all the stuff's price go lower than before or in other words we called it Sale or Discount!

Yup Discount, Sale, Special Price or whatever you called it, it's the best time for shopaholic to shop everything as long as your debt or CC can pay it :D So, if you're shopaholic or shopping lover (sounds more nice?) you can go to Event Extra Big Sale 2013 at Plaza Mandiri Jakarta Indonesia, has started today until 28th February 2013. Still worry about the accomodation to visit the event in Jakarta? just click this one and find the answer now! Happy Shopping people :)

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