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Delhi – how to get there, choose the best tourist attractions and have fun

Delhi is a city in India bordered by Haryana on three sides and by Uttar Pradesh to the east. Its approximate population is over 11 million and it is the second most populated city in India after Mumbai. It has a hot semi-arid climate and the warm season lasts from March to June, but during the other months, in its cold season which usually lasts from the end of November until the beginning of February the average daily temperature is below 20 C. Indira Gandhi is the largest and main airport situated to the southwest of Delhi. The New Delhi is built by colonial British rulers in the early twentieth century.

Reaching Delhi          

There are several ways of getting to Delhi but the most recommended one is using the plane once you need to reach it from a distant city, in order to get away from the crowd. For example, when getting there from Bangalore, you must consider all the options available online first, in order not to get lost. There are online search engines helping you find Bangalore to Delhi flights. If you consider reaching Delhi by flight from Bangalore, you will need approximately less than three hours, while taking a train instead will take 36 hours from your time. You can choose upon varieties of starting routes, considering your temporary location which will help you find the right fit.

Finding the proper accommodation

There are varieties of online sites that are designed to help you finding the best place to stay during your visit and it is very important to choose them considering the things you want to visit there. You are probably aware that the nearest options will cost you more which may be a problem if you are on a budget, but make sure that you do a good research over the transportation options if you are considering using the public transport. Renting a bed far from the tourist attractions may cost you less, but you may get stuck in the crowd when reaching them afterwards.

Things to visit when in Delhi

One of the most recognizable landmarks is the famous Lotus Temple designed in the shape of a sacred lotus flowers. The structure of it is made of flower petals constructed of marble. It is a religious worshiping ground for people of all religions. On your way to the temple you can enjoy walking through nicely manicured gardens. You can use the metro to get there and once you go off it, you will need to walk for 10 minutes in order to get to the entrance gate. It is closed only on Mondays and the entrance is free of charge.

Other great attraction is ISKCON the Hare Krishna Temple, located near the Lotus Temple. It is one of the biggest temples dedicated to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. You can visit it during the day and the entrance is free as well.

Another main attraction is the Red Fort which is a top Delhi attraction and unmissable landmark, the Red Dort or Lal Quila which is a royal palace. It is built between 1638 and 1648 and as a red sandstone masterpiece it is under UNESCO World Heritage site. It will transport you back through the history of the city with music, historical narration and light displays. It is open from Sundays to Saturdays and the price you need to pay for an entrance is Rs. 500.

Another great landmark is Humayun’s tomb and it is sublimely well proportioned, so it seem like it is floating over the symmetrical gardens. Many people believe that it was used to inspire the Taj Mahal. Following the strict rules of Islamic geometry, its arched facade is inlaid with parts of white marble and red sandstone.

Once you are in Delhi, seeing the Meharauli Archeological Park is a must. It is an ancient ruin and one of the first monuments which were erected by the sultans of Mehrauli, so the subsequent rulers expanded on their work and hired the best craftsmen and artists to set in the triumph of Muslim rule.

On the other hand, you must be aware that summers in Delhi can be very exhausting and during the winter, it can be very foggy, so it is better if you avoid those seasons. Also, Delhi is one of the most crowded cities in India because of its population.

If you are a party animal, you should know that Delhi doesn’t have wild nightlife. Most of the bars don’t have the permit to remain open after midnight, so if you are planning on buying alcohol and continue drinking in your hotel room, you should find the nearest wine and beer shop and be careful because they are closing at 10pm. The bright side is that they have a lot of festivals during this period, considering Holi and Diwali, which are the most popular Indian festivals. The first one is famous as the festival of colors and it can be a lot of fun. While the Diwali is a festival of lights and fireworks and it is one of the biggest festivals in India. It actually lasts for a month and it is fun to be in Delhi during this period. If you are lucky enough to be there, you will enjoy beautifully decorated houses, parties with card games, excellent food and many other things.


Once you’ve made clear that Delhi is on your priorities when traveling to India, make sure that you know how to take a prepaid taxi from the airport and find your accommodation. Do a plan over the places you want to visit when staying there and be careful when planning your agenda since it is one of the most crowded cities in India. Do a good research before you start your trip and use the time on the best possible way in order to experience India as it deserves.

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