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Check Out These Exciting Styles of Getting Married in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exotic and gorgeous Latin American country that is a gem for destination weddings. It is a very stable country politically and offers spectacular backdrops for making your day extra special and memorable. Exotic beaches, breathtaking sunsets, waterfalls, dramatic skylines, panoramic mountain views, jungles, and even volcanoes welcome you to host your wedding in this beautiful country.

What’s Your Wedding Style?

The incredibly diverse landscape of Costa Rica allows you to pick any kind of ceremony for your destination wedding. From lavish and extravagant parties to laid-back ceremonies, you can choose from an array of wedding styles in this tropical paradise.

Beach Wedding

Undoubtedly, beaches are one of the best wedding venues in Costa Rica. Getting married on the beach is the ultimate romantic experience for many couples. So, get ready for an unforgettable experience as the waves crash in the background, and the sand tickles your toes. Imagine walking along the beach or taking off on horseback along the coastline once you have said your vows! Tamarindo Beach, Langosta, and Mal Pais are some of the best beaches to get married. In fact, these pristine locations are becoming increasingly popular since they boast of awe-inspiring scenery and are semi-secluded.

For instance, the rainy season in Tamarindo is shorter than in other parts of the country. As such, this place gives you greater flexibility in choosing a date for your destination wedding. Costa Rica offers a range of accommodation types for your guests. You can choose from villas, condos, boutique hotels, and beachfront resorts for housing your invitees.

Tropical Wedding

How would you like to tie the knot on a mountainside or having a massive volcano as your wedding backdrop? Incredible. Right? The Arenal area in La Fortuna is next on the best wedding venues in Costa Rica for a tropical-styled wedding. But remember that this region is buzzing with tourists. So, it may not be as secluded as the beaches, but it does have its own perks. Dip in the hot springs and visit the cascading waterfalls after the ceremony. What better way to relax and begin a new life together?

Monteverde cloud forest is another excellent place to take your vows. Breathe in the fresh air around you as the lush green forests present unparallel biodiversity in the area. Imagine the calls and chirps of the monkeys and native birds replacing your wedding bells! You can also get your adventure spirits going here. After all, there are several eco-tours and exciting attractions just minutes away from your wedding venue.

Church Wedding

Not only natural vistas, Costa Rica, has plenty of churches to host a traditional church wedding. So, if you love history, then you will surely relish the idea of getting married in churches that boast of ancient architecture. You can even find churches in remote areas that are serene and extremely romantic. In fact, Costa Rican churches are unique in their own way. So, look around for these beautiful churches that seem fit to host your destination wedding in Costa Rica.

However, getting married in a church often involves a lot of paperwork and even pre-marital classes. This factor can be daunting to some couples, and hence they opt-out of church weddings. But if you have your heart set on a church wedding, it is recommended to have a local parishioner reach out to the church well in advance. This will help you manage your schedule for classes and facilitate a smooth flow of wedding arrangements.

Symbolic Ceremony

The symbolic ceremony is another option for a destination wedding in Costa Rica. This ceremony is as authentic as any other legally binding ceremony, but it won’t be recognized once you get home. Neither does this ceremony mandate an attorney’s presence, nor does it involve paperwork. You can even choose to get married at a resort location where the resort provides a justice of the peace for the ceremony. This is often included in the wedding package. Since a symbolic ceremony id devoid of any legalities, anyone from your friends and family can perform the ceremony for you.

In fact, this is one of the most hassle-free options in a destination wedding. But remember that while you have the freedom of adding in any quirks, it is not mandatory to do so. You can consider a traditional ceremony that adheres to the same protocols and standards as a legally binding ceremony. This can include signing a non-legally binding marriage certificate as well. In fact, some couples find this the best of both worlds. They benefit from a gorgeous, traditional ceremony while not worrying about filing paperwork, dealing with lawyers, and government rules.

Costa Rica is a magical country that offers innumerable options for a destination wedding. Getting married in the world’s most enticing country can indeed be a dream come true. It takes out the stress from your wedding arrangements and gives you ample reasons to celebrate and cherish this special occasion with your loved ones.

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