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A Memorable Honeymoon Exploring Andaman, India's Beach Island

Honeymoon trips are always the most remembered once and I after my marriage was so determined to make my honeymoon trip a bit more lavish and enjoyable. Beaches were one travel destination that I and my husband loved exploring and thus our honeymoon destination that I choose was the lavishing islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Filled with a number of pristine beaches offering the best view of nature and the sunset allowing the travellers to explore the best of the marine life Andaman was one perfect honeymoon destination that comes under the union territory of India. This fascinating island destination holds in a number of best attractions and unique natural elements that entertain and attracts honeymooners like me to the place. As the honeymoon destination was of my choice it was my duty to choose and select the honeymoon package that was organised to Andaman and it was also my call to select the travel operator with whom we would travel and finally I chose to travel with Andaman Tour Travel a travel operators functioning from Kerala. As the package we selected did not include the travel charges till Andaman we were all on our own till we reached Port Blair.

Day 1: the First Flash of Andaman

We left to enjoy our honeymoon in Andaman from Kerala and then reached Port Blair on time. In the capital city, we met the representatives of the travel operators who then led us to our hotel which was located at a distance of about 45 min from Port Blair. After reaching the hotel we took a small rest in our honeymoon suite as we were a bit exhausted from the morning flight. After being at the hotel resting for a while we headed for our honeymoon sightseeing at the place. While being at Port Blair we explored a number of travel destinations which was both entertaining and exciting like the cellular jail or better called Kala Pani. The cellular jail was a place which was once used as a colonial prison by the Britishers with an aim to exile the political prisoners who fought for the Indian freedom. The place was one of the best fascinating destinations that did remind of the bygone era when too many people died fighting for the country. After the visit to the jail, we moved on to explore the Samudrika Naval marine museum which was run by the Indian Navy. The museum is basically grouped into 5 different sections that showcase and exhibits the history of the islands; the people once liked the place and more. The trip to the place was one, of the best thing we could experience while enjoying our honeymoon in the land it also gave the both of us a deeper insight into the history of Andaman. It took us till sunset to finish with the sightseeing and thus we moved back to the hotel and slept off.

Day 2: the Dazzling Beaches in Havelock

It was our second day in Andaman and we were to explore the beautiful attractions and destinations in Havelock Island. So we got up a bit early and checked out of the hotel by around 9 am. From Port Blair, it is a 3 hr drive to the Havelock Island and so we reached the place by around 12:30 pm. It was noon and we were hungry and tired so we checked into our hotel and took a small rest in the place for a while. After resting in the room for a while we moved on with our honeymoon trip and sightseeing at the Havelock island. Our first destination to cover was the Elephant beach which was a charming beach destination on the island which was located almost 20 miles away from the island dock. The beach is one of the best destinations for travellers who are looking into exploring a white sand beach with a fascinatingly beautiful coral reef. The beauty of the elephant beach is something that cannot be explained in mear words as it is a place that entices almost all kind of travellers visiting the place. Couples travelling to explore the place could with ease spend a few hours exploring and enjoying the beauty of the beach and the water destinations. We were at the place enjoying the beauty of the beach and the water till late afternoon. After which we explored the Kala Pathar beach which was yet another fascinating great beach destination that was located not too far from the Elephant beach. Boasting with great beauty this beach was one beautiful destination where couples and honeymooners could spend some quality time together. After enjoying a fascinating sunset at the beach we headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed a romantic and memorable night.

Day 3: Last Day at the Beach Capital

It was our last day at Andaman and thus we returned to Port Blair a bit soon as we had to cover some of the best beaches in the place too. Corbin cove beach was one of the main beach destinations in Port Blair with one of the most picturesque and a serene ambience. We stayed at the beach for a few hours which was well spent. Our next destination was the Ross island but as the place was closed we compensated by visiting the Chidiya Tapu beach which was yet another fascinatingly beautiful beach destination at Port Blair which is well known among the couples, honeymooners and travellers for its sunset. We enjoyed one of the best sunsets which the both of us would never forget. After being there at the place for a while we moved back to our hotel and then called it a night.

As we had to board a flight back home that day we woke up early i.e. by around 9 am and then after packing and checking out of the hotel moved to the airport where we thanked and waved the travel operators who did offer us one of the best tour packages to Andaman and then flew home within no time. And thus we had an end to our perfect honeymoon in Andaman. With a number of pristine beaches and fascinating attractions, Andaman according to me is one of the most preferable travel destinations in and around the world for couples, honeymooners, adventure lovers and travellers which are worth a visit.

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