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5 Experiences That Must be Enjoyed in Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland in recent years has become a destination known as one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. Not only do airlines offer cheap tickets, but it is filled with beauty and natural wonder. There are also many airlines that offer 24 hour layovers, and the best way to take advantage either of your layover, or cheap airfare and take a full trip, is by renting a vehicle since public transportation is spotty across the island.

Bread bowl at Svarta Kaffid

Reykjavik is known as a very expensive city in terms of food and drink. But there is a way to have a full, unlimited meal, of amazing soup in a filling bread bowl for only $20 usd as compared to the usual $30+ per dinner plate. This scrumptious soup is offered in either a meat of vegan option, and the bread itself is filling and great as well. As it is often on the cooler side, temperature wise, in Iceland, a warm soup is always a great option.

Kerid Crater

This incredible natural phenomenon is a crater lake about 1 hour driving from the city center. In the spring and summer, the gorgeous blue interior of the crater is surrounded by green grass. It is a must see when staying in Reykjavik.

Whale watching and puffin tour

If taking a trip to Iceland between April and October, you will have the chance to see baleen whales as well as dolphins and a few other types of whales. These are generally the best dates for visiting due to weather conditions and temperature. Puffins are an adorable creature that are endangered and only visible in Iceland from May to late August. 

Experience the phenomenon of the northern lights or midnight sun

There are two unique experiences to be had in Iceland that involve the sky. Either visit during the height of summer in late June/early July and see the midnight sun, or visit in September through March to view the northern lights. These are equally interesting and exciting things to do in Iceland, so plan your trip wisely.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a destination that is debate on whether or not it is worth the a stop. You may have seen the Blue Lagoon in Instagram photos with no one in sight besides the person in the photo. Essentially it is a natural pool of geothermal water, heated by the earth, with healing minerals. It is a nice experience but one must be prepared for what they will encounter. Say that many people will be there when you visit is a bit of an understatement. It is the number 1 tourist destination in Iceland, and only if you arrive in the morning will you have more of a peaceful and private experience here.

Mainly the trade-off is if you are on a bit of a budget, going at a later time will allow you to spend less and still experience the lagoon. Just be prepared for crowds, and enjoy your time as you won’t truly need more than an hour or 2 at most in the lagoon. All in all it is definitely worth it to visit while in Reykjavik, and also a lot more convenient when you arrange a rental car.

Iceland is a beautiful destination and worth a visit whether it is a layover or longer trip, you’ll definitely enjoy the 5 places you must visit while in Reykjavik.

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