5 Best Hotels In Thailand You Should Choose For A Pleasant Holiday

Whenever we hear the word Thailand, what comes in our mind are turquoise beaches, golden temples, a relaxing spa and lots of coconuts. But the real essence of Thailand is the Thais, kind and sweet people ready to guide you and help you and make your trip a successful one. Even the food in Thailand is world-famous with finger-licking good seafood and the famous Thai cuisine. If you think Thailand has only waters, let us inform you here you’ll see an equal amount of green forests and wildlife which is the pride of Thailand. Half of your trip already becomes happening when you get a comfortable stay on your holiday. 

Thailand is bursting with resorts and hotels for visitors to choose from. Some of the best resorts and villas you can choose for your holiday in Thailand are:

1. Centara Villas Samui

Located in one of the most beautiful locations in Thailand, Centara Villas Samui is the perfect stay for an ideal vacation. With all the amenities from free wi-fi to free shuttle service, Centara Villas Samui has every comfort a visitor expects from his or her hotel. It has 3 pools and 2 restaurants with multi-cuisine, this villa is just enough for a wonderful and relaxing holiday. It also has a lounge named Reef which will be just enough to sort your weekend plans in Thailand.

2. Ananas Samui

With an outdoor pool, restaurant and bar, Ananas Samui is one of the best Thailand has. The hotel resort is just a few kilometers away from some of the major attractions in Europe i.e. Samui Aquarium, Tiger Zoo, and Samui Butterfly Garden. This property is the visitor’s favorite and has been rated number one in Thailand because of his 100% response.

3. JW Marriott Resort And Spa

One of the most prominent hotel chains, JW Marriott is the most trusted hotel brand all over the world and is equally loved in Thailand. This hotel is the best choice for both the reasons i.e visiting Thailand for business purposes and at the same time for the holiday with family. This resort is one of the most loved resort and has won awards for best spa and best housekeeping services. With fitness centers, outdoor and indoor pools, two royal cafes, you get everything inside the hotel itself.

4. Bangkok Palace Hotel

As the name itself suggests, this hotel is no less than the palace itself and has all the luxuries of the world. This hotel is located very close to Makkasan Station which is centrally located in Thailand and is close to most of the tourist attractions. Families, couples or even businessmen love this hotel due to its close proximity to almost everything. Even if you love shopping you can choose Bangkok Palace Hotel as it is also very close to some of the colorful bazaars. All in all Bangkok Palace Hotel is the best choice for everyone.

5. Splash Beach Resort

One of the longest beach in Phuket Thailand, this resort is located in the heart of Mai Khao Beach Splash Beach resort the most beautiful one. The hotel is surrounded by luscious green trees and grass from all the sides. The stay at this hotel also gifts the complimentary access to the waterpark where the visitors can have fun with their families and enjoy even more.

We hope you got some clarity as to which hotel you should prefer over others to have the best holiday and at the same time a memorable one. Resorts like Splash Beach Resort and Centara Villas Samui are too good to miss. Thailand This is an absolute beauty and should be visited at least once during your lifetime.

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