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3 Road Trips Your Family Will Love in Portugal

Portugal has always been quite underrated in terms of its scenic views, like a number of other travel aspects. This is true, despite the fact that the country is filled with windy routes that take you through beautiful landscapes, beaches, and a deserted coastline. If you take a popular road trip route, you are also likely to witness small whitewashed villages, and rolling hills throughout the countryside.

On top of that, the road trips in Portugal (even the best ones) are relatively short. Hence, they are considered to be highly suited for families looking for light adventure.

In case you are planning to take a road trip with family, picking up a minivan is highly recommended. This is primarily because vans offer plenty of storage capacity as compared to regular 4 seater cars. And since it’s going to be a road trip, you will need a vehicle with good mileage anyway.

In this article, we list down the top three road trips for families in Portugal.

A trip around Western Algarve

The coastal region of Algarve is primarily popular for its crowded summer breaches. However, apart from that, the region offers a lot more. A road-trip around Western Algarve is short, yet it offers a number of winding and narrow roads that are perfect for light adventure. Furthermore, you are likely to find a hundred reasons to stop along your way. As a result of this, sometimes, this road trip may take a full day.

Every year, more than a million tourists take this route in order to enjoy the spectacular view it offers. The best part about this road trip, is when you reach Fóia. It is the highest checkpoint in the region. In case the day is clear (sometimes you’ve to be lucky), you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean far back!

A trip around Sao Miguel

A road trip does not always have to be restricted to the mainland. In case you have your own wheels, the Azorean Island that sits right in the center of the ocean offers a number of tourism opportunities. For instance, people often travel from city to city on this Island, stopping for drinks in small villages. At the same time, some stop to relax on the quiet sandy beaches on their way.

Sao Miguel offers a lot to explore, and at every turn, you’re in for great surprises. Hence, a road trip around this island is perfect for some family adventure time.

N222 road trip

The N222 road stretches across 17 miles, in the Duoro Valley, situated in East Porto. This road seems to have the perfect ratio of straight stretches to tight winding corners. Though it is relatively short, this road is considered as one of the best drives in the world. And it is not surprising why!

Chances are that you will spend plenty of time having your car pulled over, only to admire the stunning views stretching as far as the eyes can go.

While you take this road trip, do not forget to drive up to the Casal de Loivos. Here, you will find a panoramic viewpoint, from where you could see all the way back to the starting point.

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