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3 haunted Places in Kolkata That Are Sure To Give You Goosebumps

For a good story and a scary time, Kolkata has everything that you need. Whether you’re visiting the city with the intention of catching a ghost sighting, or you’ve arrived here and have some time to explore, there are many places that you can visit.

Travellers often search through a five star hotels in Kolkata list to get the best deals in quality accommodations, such as The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata. From there, a trip to the nearest haunted garden, park, or landmark is the next step. There are many cities around Kolkata that are said to be haunted as well, which can be accessed via a quick drive through the region.

The ancient Belvedere Estate

The Belvedere estate was a British era construction that was developed by William Hastings at the time. It’s one of the more active sites in Kolkata for paranormal activity and is now being used as a hostel for student residents.

There have been sightings of British gentlemen on horseback, war cries being heard, and stories of young children running around the football field. The entire compound is said to be haunted, with many incidents of abrupt activities.

The cemetery at Park Street

Park street is one of the most popular places in Kolkata, with many business hotels In Kolkata being situated there. The cemetery at Park Street is said to be haunted, hosting many different types of energies within its area. 

Legends extend to ancient tales of Maharajas and soldiers entering into battle, only to having been buried within these sacred lands. There have been sightings of shadows, sounds and figures appearing in the compound, with various visuals being presented to travellers coming here. It’s best to avoid visiting the cemetery after-hours.

The legend of the Royal Calcutta Turf Club

If you’ve ever seen a white horse running within Turf Club, then chances are that it was a haunted apparition. The stories of “William Saheb ka Sada Ghoda” have made their way into mainstream headlines, with many people witnessing the white horse around the area.

There have been sightings of apparitions and human shapes being found in the region as well, especially within the changing rooms, shower areas and stable regions. You might even hear a sound or two coming out from the Turf club if you’re driving by the club’s grounds.

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