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3 Countries in Europe that You Can (and Should) Visit on a Budget

Are you dreaming of exploring Europe but worried about the cost? Luckily, there are several countries in Europe that tend to be significantly less expensive to visit than the most popular ones of France, Spain, and Great Britain.

Regardless of where you choose to go, find out the best ways to find and book cheap flights, look for methods of saving money on your hotel bookings, and think about using Airbnb. Even better than that, you can book a European travel package including airfare, hotel, and transportation. This will help you save a lot of money.

Let's talk about the three European countries that you can (and ought to) visit on a budget!


Romania is among the most inexpensive European cities to visit, and this wonderful country certainly has many fascinating attractions to enjoy, a long history and a rich culture. While in Romania, remember to visit Cluj. This city boasts an exciting nightlife scene. You'll also notice that it's easy to take many daytrip excursions to places nearby. There are many towns close to Cluj that you'll want to see and explore. Make time to visit the Turda Salt Mine while you're in the country. This huge mine was made open to visitors two decades ago. It will give you the chance to learn about Romania's mining industry. Ensure that a long visit to Bucharest is also included on your Romania itinerary. This city is the capital of Romania. It has become progressively more popular with tourists over the last few years, and there is certainly good reason for it. This is a stunning city. Also go to Timisoara, Brasov, and Sibiu.


A culturally rich country in Eastern Europe, Poland is also one of the cheapest places to visit in Europe. There's a great deal to see and do here, both in the great outdoors and fascinating cities. One of the most popular outdoor locations to enjoy is the Tatra Mountains. These mountains are a common destination for hiking and camping. While in Poland, ensure that you visit famous cities such as the capital, Warsaw, and Krakow. Also think about exploring Gdansk, a quiet town. As you make your way around Poland, make a point of learning about the culture and history of the culture. You're sure to be captivated. Take lots of pictures, too!


Slovakia offers a great many wonderful museums and beautiful architecture. You'll want to take your time exploring this charming country. And while you're there, make sure to try some of the country's wine and beer. If you love wine, check out Modra, a small town. Almost every house there seems to have its own vineyard! There are also local microbreweries and distilleries. While in Slovakia, go to Bratislava. This is a very inexpensive (and underrated) city. Also head to the country's major cities.

Have a Fantastic Time on Your European Adventures!

It's official! It is possible to explore Europe without spending a fortune.

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