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Monsters at California's Borrego Springs

Monsters at Borrego Springs

By Jim DeLillo

The Serpent crosses the road using the Milky Way as a beacon on its attack of Borrego Springs, shining in the distance.

A journey to this fabulous location, the artist’s background, and how I crafted these wonderful images of the…


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Spirits of St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is a very old city - so old, in fact that it is celebrating its 450th year in existence.  Because of its age and rich history, people often come here looking for spirits, like the one at The St. Francis Inn, the oldest continuously operating inn in North America.…


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Would you stay at a B&B with dirt floors?

Would you stay at a B&B with dirt floors, cots for beds, and a wood-burning stove to keep warm?

Paul and Baya (a Navajo native) Meehan are betting that you will.

Owners of Shash Dine' Eco Retreat, they have created a place where you trade…


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Spend a Day in St. Augustine

Arrival at The St. Francis Inn

Arriving the night before, I choose to stay at The St. Francis Inn, a rustic and historical Inn dating back to 1791.  The owners, Joe and Margaret Finnegan, are celebrating…


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It's Maple Sugar Time!

If you've never been to Vermont, this is THE time to go.

The maple sap starts running as soon as the days are warm and the nights are still below freezing.  It's a wondrous experience as you smell the wood smoke spilling from the sugar houses. 

There's a short tour of the sugarbush, a stand of maples where the farm collects its sap.  The sap is collected in buckets. The sap is brought back to the sugarhouse where it is boiled down in large wood-fired…


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Enter A Real Time Machine - The Newseum in Washington D.C.

I stepped out of my hotel and into a time machine.


Transported back, not in the typical resurrected town like Williamsburg, Va. or quaint seaport village like Mystic, Ct., but truly back where I remembered with emotions raw enough to bring tears to my eyes. I cried tears of…


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Restoring Lost Memories (Aka Accidentally Deleted Photos)



Next to dropping your camera in the water, the next worst thing has to be losing your memory- that is your camera's memory. All your photos stored on one little card, GONE!



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Hippies and Buddhists Share Woodstock, NY



On the path to enlightenment, I might wind up in Woodstock, New York.  The town which lent its name to the famous rock music festival, "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music" in 1969 is home to old hippies, and surprisingly, an increasing number of Buddhists.


I meet Shiv…


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Crowdsource your travels!

Crowdsource your travels!

What is Trevolta?

Trevolta.com is a global crowd-funded travels website. We enable travellers to submit their extraordinary ideas for expeditions in order to raise funds for it. Projects can be backed up by inspired people or sponsors looking for marketing opportunities and brand awareness.

All trips will be thoroughly covered in Trevolta blogs, where the travelling team will be posting photos, notes and videos on the go, preserving the…


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Philly Cheese Steak Is No Mistake

The line on South Street wrapped around the corner. Once inside the chrome facade it continued to snake around in Disney-ride fashion. Each person mumbling to themselves as they tried to memorize their order. The line moved along one timid customer at a time. Each one blurting out their selection, as if on the soup-nazi episode of Seinfeld. “One, provolone, mushroom with" (The 'with' referring to onions). 

The line bumped forward. This placed reeked with the essence of grilled beef. …


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Heading to Africa!

I just put my deposits down for the Sky & Telescope Eclipse Tour and Safaris.

As well as my Kilimanjaro Trek with Mountain Guides International.

I still have to figure out how I am going to spend six days in between those trips.


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Mt. Marcy Summit in One Day

Mt. Marcy Summit in One Day


Photojournalist will be hiking the highest point (5,344 ft) in New York State.
 - Mt. Marcy, September 21-23, 2012.
 Trip will include staying at the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) bunkhouse at…

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Marilyn Monroe is in Chicago only until April 30

Marilyn Monroe is in Chicago only until April 30... If you haven't had a chance to look up her dress! Now is the time to do it. ( Marilyn )


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It's that time of year again...

Las Fallas, Valencia Spain.


Fires burn all night:



See my earlier post:…


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Whittaker Mountaineering - Mount Rainier Contest Photos


Please 'Like' my photos of Mount Rainier at Whittaker Mountaineering Photo Contest.



I appreciate your support.







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Boosting Autumn Colors



Brilliant reds and yellows pop from these images because of the use of a rare-earth filter.

Jim DeLillo has announced today that he has added new images using this technique to his 'Autumn' gallery at


These images…


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Wolves in New Jersey


Wolves aren’t native to New Jersey, USA but if you know where to look, you are guaranteed a glimpse into their behaviour.


Best seen in the winter, when their coats are thick and full, the…


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Will Google put Expedia Out of Business?

 "Flight Search" is a new feature of Google's search engine.


It's slick.


This new feature built into Google's powerful search engine makes booking a flight a breeze. 


If you don't see it in your Google menu bar, just visit the link:



When fully implemented you will be able to type "flights from Chicago to Denver" directly into Google's search…


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