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Join The Fun With Mountain Biking Les Gets

Les Gets is the best place for a mountain biker. It is one of Europe's top mountain biking resorts, and all around it there are 650 km of marked tracks and 25 ski lifts open all summer long to easily get from one place to another. In Les Gets was held the world downhill championships, but this doesn’t mean it is a destination only fit for pros, because it caters for all levels.


For the advanced bike riders there is a…


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Rent Bike in Morzine and Enjoy the Alps

When most people think of going to the Alps they immediately think of taking winter holidays, going skiing, enjoying the cold and the snow and seeing all of the beauty of the region in the wintertime. While it is true that this is a fantastic spot to visit in the winter for winter sports or just to visit, the summertime in the Alps opens up a whole host of other opportunities for you. There is just as much beauty in the region in the summertime and the outdoor adventure does not end in the…


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Try a Mountain Bike Holiday in Morzine

There are fewer areas in the entire world that are more breath-taking than the Alps region, which is why so many people come to the region each year as part of their vacation or holiday. While some may come for the great beauty that the area holds, others want to take part in the vast outdoor adventures that the region is known for. While skiing reigns supreme in this region during the winter months, it is during the warm late spring and summer months that the attentions of outdoor…


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When you need a perfect Biking holiday, Les Gets can be the answer

Mountain Biking in the Portes du Soleil area has become increasingly popular in the last few years, with mountain bike enthusiasts realising that the villages around the mountains, such as Morzine and Les Gets, are the ideal place for a mountain biking adventure. Since thePortes du Soleil became a training ground for Tour de France competitors, mountain biking has become a familiar sight in Les Gets, and there are many reasons why people choose this village as their main biking…


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What to Look For With Les Gets Biking Accommodation

In the French Alps there are a pair of small towns nestled close to the border with Switzerland that have become increasingly popular destinations for bicycle tourists and their families. These destinations have not changed much for the last twenty years, and because they are outside the normal run of skiing and snowboarding holiday-makers, they remain one of the most popular tourist destinations for those who want to dedicate their time to bike riding. As these towns are so small,…


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Morzine Bike Park

For mountain biking fans, the town or Morzine is one of the most desirable locations in Europe. The town is on the border of France and Switzerland, right up in the Alps, and is surrounded by wilderness, forest and mountains, making it the ideal location for a mountain biker to take a holiday and enjoy the many trails in the area. In more recent years, the area around Morzine, known as the Portes du Soleil, have become very popular with mountain biking tours, and has become an indicator of…


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Mountain Biking in Les Gets

When you want to go mountain biking Les Gets is the answer

Located in the Portes du Soleil, one of the most popular places for Mountain biking, Les Gets is one of the prime locations. It has more than 200km of trails and connections to 12 other resorts in the surrounding area. It is also famous for its downhill tracks, hosting the Downhill World Cup on several occasions. Found in the middle of the French Alps, Les Gets has tracks which run into Switzerland and Italy so you can…


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Morzine Bike Park

In the middle of the Alps, lying in the heart of Portes du Soleil close to the Swiss border, there is a secret destination for mountain bike enthusiasts that the rest of the world knows very little about. The Morzine Bike Park is a tourist destination for bike fans who want to follow the mountain trails or go downhill to the edge of the lake. The park consists of more than 600km of trails, marked with signposts at every turn, and 10 downhill trails which are much tougher than the rest of the…


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Perfect Terrains for Mountain Biking in Morzine

One of the sports that is gaining popularity these days is mountain biking. This is a fun sport, but to fully enjoy it you must ride your bike on rugged terrains. There are many areas especially in the countryside that feature these rugged terrains. If you are a mountain biking enthusiast, one of the best places to enjoy this sport is in the Alps, in an area known as Morzine. Not only does this area have the perfect terrains for biking, the area also offers beautiful views of the…


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Morzine mountain bike holiday

Mountain biking is a sport that is loved by a lot of people. However, you cannot just go mountain biking on any type of terrain. In order to get the best out of this wonderful sport, you require rugged terrains. One of the best places to enjoy this sport is the Alps, in a place called Morzine. A lot of people flock to this area every year to enjoy their favorite sport. The terrain is perfect for mountain biking and the surrounding views are also stunning. The area also features…


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Les Gets- mountain biking accommodation

Mountain biking is a sport which, as the name suggest, can only be enjoyed on specific terrains. As such, when you ride your bike on level ground, you are not mountain biking. Most mountain biking enthusiast know that in order for them to get the best out this sport, they require rough terrains, and what better place to enjoy this wonderful sport than in the Alps.

There is an area in the Alps known as the Les Gets which is characterized by rough terrains that are suitable for…


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