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Make Hotel Bookings Online With Minimal Effort

Today, no online travel solution is complete without a hotel booking engine. Researching and reserving a hotel room is quicker and easier than ever for anyone with access to the internet. With just a few clicks of the mouse, travelers are able to research hotel properties across the globe, check up to the minute room availability and rate information, view pictures of the actual hotel property and even confirm a reservation. Finding the right hotel is an important component…


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Online Cruise Booking To Make Your Cruise Ship Experiences Awesome

Are you tired of waiting in the long queues to book the cruise tickets for your vacations? As cruise lines have extended their online reservation options- whether it is via pre-booking shore excursions, spa treatment or restaurant booking on the cruise- the sea travelers now spend less time standing in line on board and more time enjoying the thrills of the sea. Usually all cruise lines embraced online cruise booking solutions several years back, but now, they are expanding…


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Travel Software Can Help Your Business Expand

Retailers in any business need to keep up with the constant changes in the way consumer’s research and shop for just about everything. Whether you need to schedule your car to be serviced at the local dealer or you are looking to order your weekly groceries, chances are it can be done online. The travel industry is no exception to this rule and in fact has been a driving force behind this trend.

As online travel technology solutions continue to advance,…


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Hotel Booking Engines Bring Value

The right Hotel Booking Engine can bring additional value to the overall reservation services an agency provides whether for it is for a corporate or leisure customer. It allows agents to provide full service to their customers by making all of the travel arrangements for their trip while providing additional commission revenues for the agent.

Any online…

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Online Flight Reservation Systems Can Evolve Your Business

The Air Booking Engines available in the market today are the result of decades of technological improvement. Originally designed to as a Flight Reservation System to automate the booking process for airlines, these applications have evolved over the years and have been a driving force behind the sale of travel products online today.

Airline tickets are a…

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Travel Booking Engines Functionality & Content Are Key

There are so many different types of content available and so many different online travel booking engines available today that it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best fit for your company. While one booking engine may have the great functionality and the features you need, it may not have the content your clients are looking for. On the flip side, you may find a travel booking solution with the perfect content source, but find that it is missing the functionality…


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Air Booking Engines should be convenient and easy to use

There are so many different places that consumers can go to purchase some products, so why would someone choose to purchase an identical product from one retailer verses another? The answer usually comes down to price, service or convenience. Whether you are selling a bottle of designer perfume or a ticket on an airline, chances are consumers will base where they choose to make their purchase based on one or all of these criteria. Choosing one airline booking engine over…


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Travel Agent Software Needs Flexibility

The internet has changed the way that the world researches and shops for everything from clothing to cruises. The ability for consumers to shop online means retailers now have the opportunity to sell their products or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Today's online retailer virtually never closes their doors!

So today's travel agent software must be designed to provide the flexibility to serve these 24/7/365 consumers when…


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Localize Your Air Booking Engine When Going Global

Think your online airline booking engine is ready to go Global? Well there are the obvious things that you will need to consider such as local language and local currencies. As many expanding internationally quickly learn however, there are a lot more things your business will need to address before your global expansion will be successful.

A centralized application managing Live connections with Supplier content along with flexible Business Rules…


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Hotel Reservation Software Needs Content Flexibility

Hotel chains were early to embrace the internet as a cost effective way to reach consumers and many quickly developed their own online hotel booking engine. It allowed many hotel chains to showcase their properties online with pictures and later virtual tours. For the first time consumers were able to actually view the different types of rooms available as well as the hotel gym or restaurant and could get a good idea whether a particular hotel was right for them.…


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Automation can benefit or plague your business

Todays' Travel Agency Software can help save any agency time and resources while increasing sales revenue. Providing your customers the flexibility to research and make travel bookings when and where they want can be critical in today's “high touch” world. The right Travel Agent Booking Software can help save any travel agency time and resources while increasing Sales, but too much automation can also be a nightmare.

When I recently called the…


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Booking Engine Customization & Mobile Readiness Becoming Critical

Flexibility in how an online travel booking engine can be customized as well as where and how it is made available have become important factors when selecting a technology partner for your travel business. “Out of the box” online booking engines may work for some travel agencies, but more and more are looking to tailor their customer experience and branding with custom online booking engines.



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Are You Accessing The Best Airfares?

The business of selling airline tickets today is more competitive than ever and agency owners are constantly looking for ways to access the best airfares. Airlines have reduced the standard commission they pay travel agents for published airfares over the past few decades which has forced many travel agents to change the way they do business. Some agencies have given up selling airline tickets all together and now focus on other areas of travel. Those that continue to focus…


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Can One Type Of Booking Solution Serve All Customers?

All online booking engines are not created equal. Today's online booking solution needs to be a mobile booking engine with flexibility in how business rules are applied and where content is sourced. It is also becoming increasingly important for many successful online retailers to have greater…

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Different Customers Require Different Hotel Content

Picking the right hotel is one of the most important aspects of planning a trip. Different types of travelers will look for different features in a hotel. Understanding the different types of traveler is critical to identifying the hotel that meets their specific needs.

There is so much more to booking a hotel room than simply availability and price. Luckily, easy to use hotel reservation software is available to help agents as…


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Why Your Business Needs To Go Mobile

Getting your business noticed in a world overloaded with media messages from every direction is not an easy task today. With some many different devices, offering so many different methods of communication, it's difficult to know where any business needs to be present to reach potential customers. The answer today is EVERYWHERE!

By the year 2020, one of every three adults will be what are commonly referred to as Millennials. This…


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Get Your Sales Cruising!

Cruising has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry for many years and recent industry figures indicate there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Several cruise lines continue to build larger, more advanced ships and many are adding new itineraries and tour options every day. Savvy Travel Agents continue to make the majority of cruise bookings and earn good commissions doing so.

The popularity of…


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The Flight Booking Software Evolution Revolution

The flight reservation system has been around for decades, started many years ago by the major airlines in an effort to automate bookings as their flight networks and number of bookings grew at an amazing pace. Initially these internal systems were used by airline reservation staff to confirm bookings across their vast flight networks, but it was not long before the airlines began offering Travel Agents their own version of these systems. Today's online air booking engines…


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Travel Agent Software Continues To Evolve

Travel Agents remain an important part of the travel industry and have been evolving the way that they interact with Suppliers and Customers along with the rest of the industry. Travel booking solutions such as airline booking engines, hotel booking engines and even cruise booking engines were introduced into the market years ago and have been evolving ever since. The transition to online commerce has been crucial for many agencies to remain in business. The online booking…


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Hotel Reservation Software to Fit Your Business

The internet has changed the way the travel industry conducts business and the way hotels are researched and booked today is no exception. However, there are so many options available on the market that it can be overwhelming for many. This is where working with the right travel agent can be important and finding a travel agent with the right hotel booking solution even more important.

Travel agents are a great resource to help…


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