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Our Honeymoon and 1st Wedding Anniversary at Kuttikanam

It is being more than half second the phone was ringing as I was busy in the kitchen I was unable to attend. The call ended. Again I resumed back to my kitchen households. It was nearly 8 pm and I hadn’t finished my cooking. Again the phone started to ring. This time however I managed to attend the call. It was Raina, my best friend since college days. She is the only person whom I try to keep my contacts. She used to call me often. We always stood with each other…


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Why Beautiful Kerala, India Is a Safe Destination Even During the Pandemic


As many have written on this blog, India's southwesternmost state - which bills itself as "God's own country" - has for years…


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An Unforgettably Romantic Trip to Rajapara, a Hill Station in India's Kerala State

Kerala is the most beautiful state in the world. The evergreen beauty and picturesque landscape admire hundreds of hundred travel enthusiast from various corners of the world. There are many characteristics that make Kerala one of the best states in the world. Some of the noteworthy features of the emerald Kerala are the richly populated forest reserve embodied with varied species of fauna and flora, crystal clear rivers, tranquil backwaters with traditional…


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Amid Resplendent Greenery, Hill Town Mattupetty in India's Kerala State Makes a Fabulous Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon is an auspicious occasion in every married couples’ life. There is no proper definition for honeymoon. But the main essence of the honeymoon is to build a strong relationship with each other by breaking all the barriers. Nowadays, hardly there would be any couple who boycott their romantic trip and engage in their personal goals. Honeymoon trips always add beauty to the married life. The main element that makes the honeymoon into a remarkable one is the…


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Paragliding in the Indian State of Kerala

As everybody knows soon after marriage the couples would start weaving plans for their romantic trip or commonly called honeymoon. It is according to each person’s desires whether to visit a highly developed city or to spend some memorable days in the arms of Mother Nature. Whichever be the destination the ultimate aim of such trips is to tailor good memories for your lifetime. The two prominent elements that make a…


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A Heavenly Honeymoon in Untouched Mankulam, in Kerala, India


A honeymoon can be a divine occasion where two hearts unite to form one, an marvelous beginning to married life. Along with the ceremonies of the…


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Let Us Traverse Through the Unexplored Kannavanam Jungle


Who doesn't love to watch movies? And sometimes even more than the actors and the plot what sticks in our minds are the location where particular scenes or songs take place. For example, in the second half of Baahubali, the jungle…


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8 Surreal Hill Stations for Couples Honeymooning in Kerala

Are you that sort of couple who would prefer that ‘road not taken’ rather than following somebody else’s plans for your honeymoon trip? If yes, then try visiting some of those splendid travel destinations of Kerala that had been hidden from the outside world for quite some time. Moreover, the enchanting state of Kerala is already blessed with its breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you are heading to the beaches, hill stations or backwaters, you would be contented with the natural…


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Here's What Kanthalloor as a Perfect Honeymoon Destination in Kerala could Provide You

If marriages are made in heaven, honeymoons should be at any magical place like that of Kanthalloor. This is a small village near Marayoor in the Idukki district, where the verdant hills would be seen touching the clouds. Newlyweds could easily reach the beautiful destination by heading to the north-eastern side of the more popular Munnar, which is at a distance of 49 km. And once you arrive at Kanthalloor, you both are going to experience that absolute tranquillity at such a relaxing…


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6 Never-To-Miss Houseboat Cruising Experiences in Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala never have to be introduced to the tourists visiting them from all across the globe. Of late, they had been even acclaimed internationally in various spheres. Moreover, these serene water bodies spreading over a vast expanse of the area in every aspect deserves to be listed and recognized globally. One of the most exciting things that make them a standout is the fully equipped large houseboats that sail across these placid lakes. These adorable houseboats are built…


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A Beguiling Romantic Road Trip from Cochin Airport to Munnar

I was so thrilled that I am going for my most awaited honeymoon trip. I could not believe that my dream is going to be fulfilled. It is being half a year that I got hitched. Due to several issues, we were not able to make our honeymoon trip. Several places came into our minds. After surfing for a long time on the internet we decided to select a place that is closely related to nature. We both are nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts and we thought Munnar, situated…


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7 Most Stunning Lakes of Kerala That Should Never Be Missed By Honeymooners-With Rankings

Backwaters are the landmarks of Kerala to the majority of tourists travelling to Kerala both from other countries and domestic regions. Numerous slanting coconut palms lined along the serene lakes on which sail the traditionally built houseboats. These are the attributes that tempt any true nature lover to visit them. They must have been to the popular backwaters of Vembanad, Kumarakom or Alleppey. However, they may not be the best ones to opt for travellers…


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