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Boston Arts & Culture -- There's an app for that

Visiting Boston has just become easier.  No more muddling through guidebooks, maps, tour ideas and using recommendations from relatives who were here 30 years ago.  

Now there is an up-to-date app that gives you all the theater groups, musical groups, festivals, museums, libraries, dance groups, symphonies, in one place.

Find out what's going on when its' going on, whether it's free or what the exact cost is, what the address is, etc.

Boston Arts & Culture has been…


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Do You Want To Really Know Boston? Here's How

Boston Arts & Culture is the newest app from Julie Hatfield, who has lived in Boston for more than 40 years and explored every theater group, dance group, cultural festival, opera company, symphony orchestra, rock group (she's Juliana Hatfield's mom) and museum/library within 50 miles of the city.  She has also sung with several choral groups along the way, and covered Boston fashion and society for the Boston Globe.

This is where to find out what kind of theater you'd…


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