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5 Best Mediterranean Ports for Independent Touring

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  When looking at the cost of a cruise in the Mediterranean, one of the largest expenses is shore excursions. Most people assume that since they are in a foreign country, it…


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My Favorite City: Florence

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  On this cool morning in southern Alabama with no European trip on the immediate horizon, I am wishing I was in Florence. It is strange to have fallen in love with a city that is so different…


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What Makes a Good Cruise Review?

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Today, I was inspired by a blog post on MeetOnCruise.com http://meetoncruise.com/blog/who-wrote-that-cruise-review to write almost a companion piece. That article asked whether or not it matters who writes a… Continue

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The Importance of Travel

The other day, while we were watching our little girl twirl around the living room, James asked me if I could think of anything in life that provided as essential an experience as having a child. (Yes, we get quite philosophical at times ;) ) I thought about it, and the only other thing I could come up with was travel. Just as if you have never had a child, there is this whole realm of life that you just never experience if you never travel (which describes many, many people I have met over the… Continue

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Choosing a Cruise

James and I are in the process of choosing a cruise for December, and let me tell you, it is not easy. Due to the podcast and the website, we want to have as many cruising experiences as possible, so we can't really choose a favorite line and stick with it like most people do. (Although this will really hurt our chances at any loyalty programs) There are so many considerations that my head is spinning at this point. It is difficult to decide what priority to give each consideration. But, I will… Continue

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