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Touring Tromsø, Norway by Car

With a population of some 76,000, the city of Tromsø is Europe's main cultural centre above the Arctic Circle, with a mix not just of interesting museums, architecture, surrounding natural beauty and adventure options, and other attractions, but with the added allure, from September through March, of a front-row seat to one of Nature's most…


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Best Cars for Trip to Palermo

Travelling is mainly made of memories especially road memories. Having a comfortable travel experience is one to hope for. This, however, may turn out to be a challenge if you are traveling out of town. Have you ever had a bad experience with cars while traveling? If yes, you would definitely wish you travelled at the comfort of your own car. Considering this option could be…


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What to visit in Hungary by car?

Hungary is a beautiful country to visit. It is advised that you should travel on a car to enjoy the beauty of the natural environs in Hungary. First of all, you should visit Budapest that is also the capital city of Hungary. Then, you should visit other cities, particularly Kaposvar, Pecs, and Szeged. All of these cities have several historic,…


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