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Luggage Leaves Clues

I have always loved the saying,  “success leaves clues.” Here’s a new saying along that same line: “luggage leaves clues.” What exactly am I talking about?

As I’m settling down to write this, I’ve just gotten into my comfy clothes…sweatpants and a t-shirt. Not just any old t-shirt, but a genuine SkyTeam t-shirt. I donned my slippers with…


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Travel Prep by Mom to Daughter for Her First Solo International Trip!

Preparing myself for travel is one thing (since I travel almost every week); preparing my daughter for travel is another – especially when it involves solo travel to another country. While she’s not a child any more and is a very capable adult, a parent’s worry hovering involvement doesn’t end.

Jenn is on her way to Hong Kong and China for ten days. Watch as I offer my travel words of wisdom on packing and hear Jenn’s silent “Yes, Mom……


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Smart Little Book Takes on Travel Industry Giants for Top Innovation Prize

Author's savvy earns "Business Travel Success" a finalist spot on the 2012 Business Traveler Innovation Awards ballot

Global Business Travel Association GTBA
Business Travel Innovation Award Finalist 2012

Orlando, FL 14…


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Finding a Relationship When You Frequently Travel

Valentine’s Day is approaching – a day that women who are not in a relationship, and want to be, really do not look forward to. Add in frequent travel to the equation and many of these women send me pleas of, “How do I find someone when I’m traveling all the time?”

So I asked professional relationship coaches, online dating gurus and other women travelers for their advice.

Joyce Morley, Ed.D. of starts off with a great…


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Full-Body Scanners and "Friendly" Pat-Downs: How to Negotiate Airport Security

The holiday travel season is upon us. Between booking travel, buying gifts and organizing the family, who’s got time to even think about the latest airport security procedures? But if you’ve been hearing the word "pat-down" in the news -- yes, it means what you think it means.…


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A Scottish Cemetery Visit on Halloween

One of my favorite benefits of business travel is seeing new cities, towns and countries, and experiencing different cultures.…


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Top 10 Mundane Things That Make Me a Happy Traveler

Traveling is not all about sightseeing, great restaurants and experiencing new cities. While these things are great and can make for really enjoyable travel, they are not always in the plans for weekly business travelers. We travel more often because we have to, not because we want to.

For those of us who travel routinely, it can sometimes be mundane things that happen to us…


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How Do You Unpack After a Trip?

The most-viewed article on my website, is Top 7 Tips for Packing Your Suitcase. But unpacking my suitcase is actually a bigger chore than packing it! This got me thinking about the different ways that people unpack their suitcases.

Upon returning from a trip, my husband immediately (and I mean immediately!) opens up his luggage, gets his dirty clothes into the washer and totally… Continue

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Travel Tips for Road Warriors--and Hoteliers

I had a dream that it was already the end of 2010 and I was looking back at my year of travel. What I saw in my dream was a year where the travel industry really focused on female travelers.

I can feel the thick shampoo in my hair, the luxurious towels, a scent of lavender emanating from my plush pillow. I am healthier and fitter than I’ve ever been thanks to the Pilates and Yoga classes offered by hotels and the nutritional food enjoyed from hotel restaurants and mini-bars. I… Continue

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