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Strategically Situated Hotels in Delhi Aerocity are Ideal for Busy Travellers

The bustling capital of India - New Delhi – pulsating with life and giant multinationals, magnificent monuments of Mughal splendour, thriving businesses and stately embassies of global representation, colourful crowded market places displaying attractive wares and glittering malls and multiplexes, sophisticated hotels and lounges, an echo  of the modern lifestyle and its radically differing cultural nuances – this then is where a potpourri of fascinating influences merge and coalesce…


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Charming Chennai Hotels with Comprehensive Amenities Woo Clients

Come to Chennai – a cultural colossus on the glorious map of India and the towering capital city of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. With its classical Carnatic music, impressive temples, rustling silks, competitive industrial business and the famous 14 km long Marina Beach, Chennai is a potpourri of captivating cameos – a place where you can conduct competitive business and yet have business merge with leisure and pleasure, coalescing charmingly along its fluid shores. Competent…


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Good Hotels in Jaipur Abound for Great Stays

Jaipur – the regal “Pink City” which graciously plays the role of the desert state of Rajasthan’s capital city! Framed in gorgeous roseate sunsets against the graceful background of the Aravalli hills, with its riot of coloured textiles and crowded market places, its uber-luxurious and majestic hotels, heritage and otherwise, dispensing lavish hospitality with consummate culinary finesse – these are some of the charming cameos of a rich cultural legacy here. Whether you are sojourning here…


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Thinking of Booking a Hotel in Aurangabad Maharashtra?

Aurangabad is named after the famous Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb, and is a tourism hub in the state of Maharashtra. It is nestled amidst several tourist attractions of the city, including the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Bibi ka Maqbara, and many more. In fact, the city, also known as “The City of Gates” has also been declared “The Tourism Capital of Maharashtra”. People who are out touring Maharashtra make sure that they have a couple of days to spend in this city, and include all nearby…


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Amazing Ahmedabad Hotels are a Pleasure to Stay In

For a slice of peace and a huge chunk of pleasurable living, sojourn to the state of the great Mahatma – Gandhi ji – in the colourful state of Gujarat, and discover its history and cultural legacy! The largest city of Gujarat and an important economic and industrial hub of this significant stat – Ahmedabad – is a ‘must visit’ for every discerning traveller! Amazing Ahmedabad hotels have burgeoned in consonance with its constantly increasing importance and the flow of…


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Modern Hotels in New Delhi Take Good Care of Clients

For the busy and the competent, the go-getters and the achievers, the movers and the shakers working round the clock sometimes and aspiring to be successful, strategically placed hotels near Delhi airport domestic, are ideally suited. It is also perfect for those leisure travellers who are not journeying by train, but flying in from various parts of the country for an extended holiday with family or friends.

When you check into the well placed best hotels in New Delhi…


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Competent Chandigarh Hotels Woo Travellers with Modern Amenities

For an ambience of a different kind, to experience a cityscape of manicured perfection and elegant architectural edifices, sojourn to charming Chandigarh – the city designed by the famous Le Corbusier and executed by Pierre Jeanneret  Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry. Wearing two hats – that of the capital city of the state of Punjab and Haryana, as well as an industrial hub and the centre of much cultural activity, Chandigarh attracts a wide range of visitors. In keeping with rapidly accelerating…


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Every Pune Accommodation is a Marquee of Excellence

A perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernism in the country, Pune is known to have preserved the ancient glory with contemporary developments.The city is constantly growing in the business sphere and also holds various places of attractions for tourists. No wonder, this metropolis witnesses a huge influx of travelers all over the year. To accommodate its visitors, every hotel in Pune articulates the warmth of Indian hospitality and commendable amenities. The city houses a host of…


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Hotels in Aurangabad are Amazingly Loaded with Modern Privileges

The famous city of Aurangabad named after the last major Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, and renowned for the stunning Ajanta and Ellora caves, is a popular tourist hub and lies within the sprawling interiors of the state of Maharashtra. Distinctive by its recent appellation of “Tourism Capital of Maharashtra”, this amazing city with its melange of historical monuments and also known as “City of Gates” yield unbelievable treasures for the history buff and the eager leisure traveller, keen to…


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Hotels in Hyderabad Gachibowli Welcome Clients with Multiple Facilities

 Royal Hyderabad – the city of the Nawabs and the  invincible Charminar, of fragrant biryanis and lustrous pearls adorning alabaster necks, the world renowned Salar Jung museum with its gorgeous jewelled treasures and memorabilia, gracious gardens and scenic dams – all this and more encapsulate the decadent charms of a bygone age! So sojourn here – for pleasure or for work – and rediscover its vibrant heritage as stylish hotels in Hyderabad Gachibowli open…


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Planning to Book Accommodation in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is a fast developing city, thanks to rapid industrialization and several blue chip companies opening their headquarters and branch offices here. People from all over the world are visiting the city for business purposes. But that’s not all; Gurgaon is in fact also treated as a stopover for people who are traveling to other tourist destinations across the region, such as Jaipur and more. People who want to be close to the Indira Gandhi International airport or the domestic terminal…


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Hotel Deals in Dehradun Provide a Value Added Experience to Travelers

A wonderful valley, majestic hills, burbling streams, fabulous orchards and scenic splendor of Dehradun draws droves of tourists here, from far and wide. A popular hill station of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is not just about spectacular landscape but also offers some adventure activities and is also a gateway to several hill stations stationed amidst Himalayan ranges. Soothing climate and extravaganza of landscape harmoniously entwine to the rhythm of nature’s saga. As this pleasing hill town is…


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The Best Hotels in Pune offer a Memorable Stay

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and also among the most advanced metropolises of the country. The perfect blend of modernity and tradition, this metropolis is also celebrated for its arts and crafts, and theatre. In addition, the city is also famous for various tourist places, private and government sector research institutes as well as automobiles and manufacturing companies. It is because of these factors that tourists and professionals throng to Pune from far and wide, all…


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Hotels in Indore City is Hallmarks of Comfort

The largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is blessed with a splendid past and a gleaming present. Exerting a vital impact upon finance, commerce, entertainment, education, fashion, art, technology, research and media; this is a central power city. Owing to these factors, the city witnesses a huge influx of travelers, throughout the year. To provide them with a comfortable stay, there is a host of hotels in Indore City. Read on to know more about the varied…


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Best Hotels in New Delhi with Excellent Accommodation and Facilities

For an unforgettable collision with magnificent, cosmopolitan cultures coalescing with remarkable agility and finesse, posh restaurants and rustic eateries, sophisticated bars and informal snack bars, colourful crowded bazaars with their medley of attractive goods and glittering malls with their marvellous offerings and plethora of cosmopolitan restaurants with gourmet global cuisines, it’s all yours for the taking in debonair Delhi, waiting to woo wonderful visitors with finesse! Some of…


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Luxury Hotels in Gurgaon Fete Clients and Guests in Style

For the rich and the famous, the bold and the beautiful, the classy and the cultured,  luxury Hotels in Gurgaon throw wide open their portals, to offer you lavish hospitality and staying comforts and munificent other privileges to enhance your stay and add to your living pleasure!

 Such plush hotels near Sushant Lok Gurgaon offer the discerning and the daring, rare treats and plentiful gourmet cuisine, health and fitness benefits, a laid back lounge to…


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Best Hotels in Hyderabad are Loaded with Modern Luxuries for Global Guests

For a royal experience in the erstwhile city of the Nizams, where the world-renowned Salar Jung Museum woos  global tourists with fabulous collection of jewels and treasures, where the exquisite pearl trade flourishes and fashions splendid ornaments to adorn alabaster necks, where the irresistible aromas of the famous biryani assail the nostrils with its tempting invitation to taste, where the implacable CharMinar stands as the unshakable legacy of a bygone age – a kaleidoscope of…


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Beguiling and Best Hotels in Bangalore Render Contemporary Privileges

Looking for a awesome experience in the mega capital city of Bangalore, with its global buzz, its unmatched Information Technology culture, its palatial royal palaces and impressive edifices and educational institutions, so have a sojourn in this beguiling city at some of the best hotels in Bangalore rendering sophisticated hospitality.

Such hotels near I Gate Bangalore, located in the pulsating heart of Whitefield with its world renowned spiritual Sai Baba township…


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Choose Your Accommodation in Whitefield Bangalore

The capital of Karnataka is visited by many for tourism purposes as well as business, and catering to these travelers are the many hotels in the city. Some of them have mushroomed overnight, turning large houses or commercial complexes into bed and breakfasts with shared washrooms or guest houses that can only accommodate around 10 people. And these are termed as the boutique hotels that ensure no one can point a finger at them and call them anything but a no frills no thrills place to stay…


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Hospitable Hotels near Salim Ali Lake Win over Clients with Privileges

Amazing Aurangabad, legendary for the stupendous architectural treasures that it hosts, hewed with dextrous finesse from the very bowels of the earth, from its core of unyielding rock and granite; these famous Ajanta caves - impressive monastic buildings, hewn from the side of a cliff, form the earliest corpus of rare Indian wall painting, with exquisitely detailed features and ornamentation executed in vegetable dyes, await your eager exploration. So ensconce yourselves in elegant hotels…


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