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Tibet Tour Tips

Tibet is a holy and mysterious place located in the west of China. Because of its natural and unique scenery on the Tibetan Plateau, Tibet has attracted many international travelers. They are fascinated by its grand mountains, peaceful villages, and tranquil lakes. Because of lacking information about the Tibet tour, travelers always get into hot water when they travel to Tibet. We have sorted out some …


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Nepal Tibet Tour

As a neighboring nation of China, Nepal is a hot place for most travelers at home and abroad. Many tourists get to Tibet from Nepal by fights, buses, cycling trekking and so on. If you want to have a Nepal to Tibet overland tour, you can follow the classic route which I will recommend for you.

This Tibet overland tour will start from Kathmandu - the capital city of Nepal, then you will visit…


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Tibetan Tea

Tibetan tea has a special status in the Tea in traditional Tibetan culture. It is said to have been brought by Princess Wencheng as a dowry. Through history, the people here have developed a Tibetan diet, among which buttered tea is a wholesome drink known for its nutrition and unique making method. Buttered tea can produce high calorie which can prevent cold in high regions. It is a very…


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How to plan a Tibet tour?

Like a shining pearl scattered in the west of China, Tibet is a hot tourist destination for international travelers and tourists. While due to the restrict law in China, it is not very easy for travelers to plan a tour in China. With more than ten years’ experience, Great Tibet Tour can help you arrange a wonderful Tibet tour.

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Winter In Tibet

Winter is the slack tourist season for Tibet tourism. Most people reject to plan a Tibet winter tour because they think it is cold and chilly. While, in fact, winter is not as cold as your imagination. Take the capital city - Lhasa as an example: the temperature in Lhasa is higher than other Chinese northern cities. The temperature in the daytime is about ten degrees, so you won’t feel cold in the…


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Guangzhou Lhasa Flight

Flying to Tibet from Guangzhou is the most convenient way. At present, there are one direct flight flying from Guangzhou to Lhasa. It departs from Guangzhou at 08:10, and arrives in Lhasa at 14:05. This flight has a stopover in Chongqing, and it takes travelers 5h 55m to arrive the destination. Here are some details about Guangzhou Lhasa flight, please check it.

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Tibet Train Tickect

Taking a train to Tibet has become a popular way for travelers to get to Tibet. While how to choose a train ticket plays an important role for tourists. Here are some tips about choosing a Tibet train ticket.

At present, there are three kinds of train tickets which are available to travelers. the first kind of train ticket is the soft sleeper berth with four berths. The second train ticket is the hard sleeper berth with six berths. The last kind of train ticket is the hard seat. The…


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Tibet Buddhism

Tibetan is regarded as the holy center for Buddhism believers in the world. With hundreds of years' development, Tibetan Buddhism has shaped its own features and characteristics. Tibetan Buddhism has a deep influence on Tibetan lives and people. When traveling to Tibet, you can see numerous temples and monasteries scattered here and there. Colorful prayer flags waving on the high…


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Where is the dreamy tour destination in the word?

If you ask me this question, Tibet is my answer. Maybe many people have little information about Tibet. Here, I'd like to do a brief introduction. 

Located in the west of China, Tibet is a mysterious region because of its mysterious Tibetan culture and traditions. Tibetans are in faith of Buddhism. So you can see a lot of temples and monasteries when traveling to Tibet. Besides the unique culture, Tibet is also famous for the stunning natural scenery. The sky is blue, the water is…


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Have you ever been to Tibet in China? Is it hard to go?

After searching some information about traveling to Tibet online, I am impressed deeply by the charming scenery in Tibet. So I am going to travel to Tibet in the coming mouth. It must be a wonderful tour because there are lots of beautiful spots such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Monastery, Namtso Lake, Mt Kailash, Mt Everest, etc. 

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