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Interesting information regarding Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a historically very significant city. It is a city where east and west blend in and make for a wonderful blend of culture, architecture and art.

It is located in central Bosnia, it is very accessible and affordable, and flights to Sarajevo can often be very cheap. Avio Karte  

The city made a very positive impression on everyone, many were amazed by its…


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Rules for becoming a Master Traveler

“There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love for the arriving, but I'm born to leave.” ― Charlotte Eriksson. Hense you are a traveler or you want to be one, we are here with some basic rules that you can apply on your self to become a master traveler this time. We assembled the rules from applied technical results for over the year by many well-known travelers. Traveling is more of a…


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Your Future and Volunteering Abroad

Our organization offers you to travel and get the opportunity to explore new countries, this organization was design and create for you. If you are looking for a year program, a family vacation, or a life changing experience. Your dreams of volunteering abroad into a reality. Volunteer abroas…


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3 Road Trips Your Family Will Love in Portugal

Portugal has always been quite underrated in terms of its scenic views, like a number of other travel aspects. This is true, despite the fact that the country is filled with windy routes that take you through beautiful landscapes, beaches, and a deserted coastline. If you take…


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Enjoy a Historical Trip to Dallas, Texas

Whether you want to show the kids that learning can be fun, or you’re just a big history buff yourself, Dallas, Texas has what you’re looking for. Within a 1-hour drive from the DFW airport, exciting history is at your fingertips.

Dallas Heritage…


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A Weekend in Sunny San Diego

If you love the sun and spending relaxing time on the beach, San Diego is the perfect place for your weekend getaway! Before you go, make sure you plan your itinerary to make sure that you don't miss out on the city's most popular spots.

Let's discuss some of the most…


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Diversity in the South: Fun in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you’re planning a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina you’re in luck – there are a number of very fun, and exciting things to see, do, and enjoy.

To make the most of your time in Charlotte, pick up a vehicle at Charlotte-Douglas Airport (I recently had a great experience with…


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3 Inspiring Family Road Trips in the UK

Considering a wide number of picturesque beaches and rugged mountains, the United Kingdom is not void of fascinating views. All of this calls for an uninterrupted family road trip!

However, a road trip is not as simple as traveling on public transport. Apart from keeping a check on the routes, you also have to manage a number of other things…


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Top 4 Family Friendly Tourist Attractions in Iceland

Are you planning a trip to Iceland with the family? If so, you'll be pleased to learn that there are many family friendly attractions in this beautiful country. You should consider renting a van rather than a car to reach these attractions as you explore Iceland. This will…


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Great Day Trips from Newark

There is plenty to see and do in Newark. If you're planning a stay in the city, you're probably excited about all the city's attractions, which include museums, beautiful parks, and popular restaurants, and writing an itinerary. There are also music venues, opportunities to see theater performances, and the chance to see sports…


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Tips to Save Money on Your Dream Trip to Italy

Are you ready to book your trip to Italy soon? You know, the one you've been dreaming of your entire life?

If yes, good for you! But maybe you're worried about the budget. After all, we don't all have unlimited amounts of money to spend on our travel adventures. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to…


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Road Trip in Europe: Round Trip or One Way?

Road tripping in Europe is a great way to see more of the countries you are visiting and have general freedom during your trip. There 2 main options when renting a car and that is choosing either a round trip or a…


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Cappadocia, Turkey: The No.1 Hot Air Balloon Experience We Ever Had!

If you have a bucket list (many of us do) this is something you should add, and then tick off! Today I’ll be telling you guys about my most recent trip to Cappadocia in Turkey … where we took the cappadocia hot air balloon tour which made our excursions literally the best we’ve had while travelling abroad!…


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Australia's Great Ocean Road

 Now it is time to see the natural Victoria’s Great Ocean Road that is blessed with enthrall creation on earth. Bestow with sceneries of unbelievable articulation of nature like 12 Apostles, London Bridge/Arch, Loch Ard Grog, Lorne, wildlife experiences, and suitable visitors corners. The Great Ocean Road, south of Melbourne, is bequeathed with open-air, stretches 243 km along with southern coast of Victoria. It is just 10 minutes away from the Warrnambool by replacing the old state road…


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Interesting things about Cupon hotel booking

Whatever your vacation preference, or the size of your group, find your perfect stay spot like Cupon hotel. Let’s start your hotel booking today.  It is still a time to take a summer break. If you want to enjoy holidays, there’s still time to book your dream hotel so you can spend you dream vacations at Cupon hotel. Only our hotel provides all different deals for adults, for couples, and for kids. With us everyone will enjoy and we…


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5 Breathtaking Scenic Drives in Michigan

Are you planning to visit Michigan soon? If so, you should know there's a great deal of natural beauty and much to explore in this spectacular state. If like most people you'll be arriving at Detroit Airport, consider picking up your rental car at the airport…


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9 of the Best Restaurants in Minneapolis

Planning a trip to Minneapolis? If so, you should be aware that the city is full of great restaurants you'll want to try while you're there. When you arrive in Minneapolis, make sure to pick up your rental car at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport when you arrive. In my experience driving is the best way to get around the city of…


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Is Rental Car Insurance a Scam?

So you are at a car rental after a 6-hour long flight, talking to a middle-aged guy at the counter. He then presents you a pile of paperwork and some "irresistible" pitches.

Indeed, most of the irresistible pitches that we get from…


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5 Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia

Are you heading to Philadelphia soon? If so, you should make sure to include lots of historic landmarks on your visiting itinerary. After all, the City of Brotherly Love is one of the most historic in the United States. When you visit Philadelphia, you should…


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Tambopata Tour is your fascinating Destination

If you are excited about your holidays and want to spend some time with the beauty of nature, and if you are an animal lover, Tambopata is perfect for you. Tambopata tours give you an opportunity to visit this beautiful place, we welcome you to visit South America, where you can see the forest adjacent to the river, inhabited by 165 species, and 41 families of trees, 103 species of mammals, 1300 species of butterflies and 90…


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