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Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, Queensland: Fair Dinkum, Mates!

This eco lodge design, built after careful ecological planning and consideration, has received many International AWARDS!


Welcome to Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa: A boutique 15 “Bayan” resort nestled in the rainforest of Queensland the tropical paradise of Australia's East Coast.

Wake to the gentle sounds of nature in your Daintree rainforest accommodation. Enjoy total pampering in the unique Daintree Wellness Spa.…


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Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Built in the heart of the Gobi according to environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines, the Three Camel Lodge offers a blend of adventure and sophistication, combining traditional


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What is an EURO Eco Label ?

Europe has passed their own "Ecolabel"

The European Ecolabel is a voluntary scheme, established in 1992 to encourage businesses to market products and services that are kinder to the environment. Products and services awarded the Ecolabel carry the flower logo, allowing consumers – including public and private purchasers – to identify them easily. Today the EU Ecolabel covers a wide range of products and services, with further groups being continuously added. Product groups include…


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Andersson's Camp, Namibia

Andersson’s Camp is situated close to Etosha National Park, Namibia

A former farmstead has been tastefully rebuilt in consideration of known eco standards which are suggested by the government…


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Kapawi Eco Lodge, Ecuador


“We the Achuar were born in the forest. Our traditions are still intact, our land untouched by logging or oil companies and our skies covered by flocks of colorful Macaws. Kapawi is an important part of our plans to preserve our culture and conserve the rainforest for our children and grandchildren. We want a sustainable future, and we invite you to be part of it.”

Germán Freire



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Green Light for National Park Eco Lodges

Green Light for National Park Eco Lodges

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

News from Australia:

The Queensland government has given the green light for Eco-tourism Lodges to be built in a handful of the state’s most spectacular national parks.

And instead of 10-year licences, operators will be granted 20-year leases, with 20-year extension options.

Meetings are being set up between Tourism…


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Eden Lodges, Madagascar

Eden Lodges’ grounds extend over more than 8 hectares and the 8 lodges, which are mid-way between a traditional construction and a luxury tent, blend perfectly with the environment. Each one offers spacious accommodation where you can relax in complete privacy.

Local materials have been used in the construction of the lodges, such as Anjanojano stone, the trunks of fallen trees and coconut or ravinala (Traveller Palm) leaves.

The innovative…


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Six Senses – Environmental Responsibility

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Environmental Responsibility of Hotels, Eco Lodges in the Maldives, an excellent Role model for all Hotels and Eco Lodges on our Globe !

Six Senses’ flagship resort is unique in many ways. In terms of biodiversity the large island is blessed with lush tropical vegetation and a biologically rich coral reef. At Soneva Fushi we are also involved in…


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What Is 'Sustainable' Ecotourism?

Recently I watched Video’s of several Nature Organizations, I counted the expression “Sustainable” in one 12 minute presentation, 32 times (Video not displayed). This unleashed my curiosity and my search brought the following to light. 

The WIKIPEDIA Definition:

A diagram indicating the relationship between the three pillars of sustainability suggesting that both economy and society are constrained by…


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