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When is the Best Time of Year to Dive in the Seychelles?

April-May and October-November are the calm periods in terms of winds and when the water temperature can rise to 29ºC with a visibility of up to 30 metres.

In December -January, the north-west winds blow with relatively the same conditions as in the calm periods, however a greater surface movement and some localised turbidity can be experienced.

From May-September the south-easterly winds blow leading to a decrease in visibility and water temperature to around…


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Seychelles Fishing and first Billfish release tournament

The Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) recently hosted the fourth Heineken Slam and the first Billfish Release challenge.  The first Billfish Release challenge backed by World Wide Fund for Nature was a milestone for SSFC as it teamed up with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to have a Billfish Release challenge. This was a great initiative and to…

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Seychelles Excursions/Activities- Boat Charter Marine National Park

Mahe- Seychelles what to do continues today with another very popular Seychelles excursion/activity. We recommend our guests at Chalets Anse Forbans  to enjoy a day out on a glass bottom boat in the St Anne Marine National Park located just off the main island of Seychelles- Mahe.…

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Seychelles Islands Hawksbill and Green Turtles

When you think about the Seychelles islands you think of the beautiful beaches and the gorgeous tropical landscapes but would you think about the conservation of endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles?…


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Earth Hour, 26th March 2011

Lets switch our lights off together on the 26th March 2011 for Earth Hour...

At 8.30 PM on Saturday 26 March 2011, lights will switch off around the globe for Earth Hour.

However the organisers this year are looking for more than us just switching our lights off for one hour. They want us to think beyond the hour and what difference small or big we can make to our enviroment. The organisers are encouragning us, to share our stories, thoughts and ideas and to get inspiration from… Continue

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Snorkeling in the Seychelles Islands

Mushroom Coral seen
Great Seychelles Snorkeling @ Chalets d' Anse Forbans

Chalets d' Anse Forbans is located just a step away from the beach of Anse…

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Weather in the Seychelles

The Weather of the Seychelles is relatively stable year round and The Seychelles islands do not experience weather extremes. Many people ask me when is it Winter in the Seychelles- my answer never!!
The Seychelles does not experience radical temperature changes. The temperature in the Seychelles rarely will go below 24°C or rises above 32°C providing for a warm climate all year round. Does it not sound wonderful when you are sitting in the cold dull dark…

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Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles Islands

Silhouette Cruises has announced it will recommence its expeditions to the Seychelles atoll of Aldabra in 2011. Aldabra is the world second largest coral atoll in the world and is virtually untouched by humans. The Atoll is a located in the Western Indian Ocean and is approximately 1150km south west of Victoria Mahé and 420km North of Madagascar.The Aldabra Atoll is one of 2 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Seychelles.…

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The Languages of the Seychelles

Are you thinking about a holiday in the Seychelles and wanting to know what languages are spoken.

Well the Seychelles Islands has 3 Official National Languages namely that of Creole ( or Kreol or Seselwa), French and English. The Creole language is reported to be an adaption of the 17th Century French with an influence from Africa as well as Madagascar.In 1981 the Seychelles Government made Creole an official language while the neighbouring country of Mauritius does not acknowledge… Continue

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A Bit of History of the Music of the Seychelles Islands

If you have been to the Seychelles you will know Music is a love of the local people. It will be heard all over the market place in Victoria and on picnic sites all over the Seychelles Islands. You will see people dancing, smiling and just loving life.

But where did the origins of the Seychelles Local Kreole Music and Dance come from?

While to start the name given to the Seychelles Islands by the Arabs was Zarin Islands which many believe was influenced by the music of the… Continue

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Hawksbill Turtle Lays Her Eggs: What an Experience for Your Holiday in the Seychelles!

24th September 2010: What an exciting day we have had our first Hawskbill Turtle laying her eggs at Anse Forbans beach. But unfortuntely this young turtle decided to lay her eggs in the wrong place.

We where concerned for the safety of the nest and contacted the Marine Conservation Society of the Seychelles for advice.

The Marine Conservation Society of Seychelles arrived and after a short discussion it was decided the best thing to do is to move the nest to a safe spot - it was… Continue

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Surfing in the Seychelles

Surfing in Seychelles can really be an amazing experience for a surfer looking for a non crowded scene. The water is warm year round, but it is recommended that you bring a long sleeved rash guard... the sun is intense! Most of the breaks are over coral reefs, so reef booties can be useful.

Seychelles has two seasons and these are wind seasons. The North-West Monsoon and the South-East Monsoon. The North-West Monsoon blows from Mid-October to Mid-May. The South-East Monsoon blows… Continue

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Seychelles Weddings

Seychelles Wedding Legal Requirements:

Seychelles is an ideal location for your island wedding. What else can you ask for pristine beaches, tropical landscapes and an abundance of natural beauty both above and below the ocean.

Some information on the Seychelles:

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 different islands which are situated in the Indian Ocean - east of Africa- and south of the equator.

The islands are often referred to as… Continue

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An Anniversary Idea in the Seychelles Islands

An Anniversary in the Seychelles on the beach....

Chalets d' Anse Forbans Creole Style Gazebo is not only for making Dream Island Weddings come true but also for Special Occasions. This past month the Beach Gazebo was used by some of our visiting clients from Germany to celebrate their 5th Wedding Anniversary. Each year Christian and Heike aim to do some totally different for their anniversary and this year decided on the Seychelles Island and Chalets d' Anse Forbans. We were… Continue

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Golf Holiday in the Seychelles

Golfing in Seychelles

Are you an avid golfer and pride yourself in playing different golf courses around the world? Most would associate the Seychelles with tropical beaches and a haven for honeymooners, a playground for the rich and famous! Perhaps so, but visiting and exploring the Seychelles is affordable and yes it is a golfer’s paradise. They may not be blessed with quantity of courses but the quality and experience of playing here is a lasting memory.

Le Reef Golf… Continue

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Seychelles International Airport: A Step Back in History

Seychelles International Airport- A step back in history

The Seychelles International Airport officially opened on the 20th March 1972 with the official ceremony being carried out by her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. However, interesting to note well before this on the 17th June 1939 a flying boat called GUBA 11 has flown to the Seychelles under its own steam.

The Seychelles International Airport continued to grow and more aircraft's landed on the island of Mahe to discover the… Continue

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