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5 Budget Travel Tips to Save Money on Your Next Trip


You’ll finally have some time to relax and forget about your worries, and you're dreaming of…


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4 Family Destinations for 2020 that You’ll Love


Once we can all start traveling again (hopefully by the summer), families will be looking to get out and experience - and bond with quality time together in - some of the amazing places our world has to offer. Here are four of the destinations I can think of to do just that:…


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The Top 4 Things to Do In Dover, England

Dover is one of the coastal towns in Kent County, near the United Kingdom's southeastern corner and of course jumping off point for the ferries across the English Channel to Calais, France. Dover is also the administrative center of the Dover District. It is known for the White Cliffs of Dover, the chalk cliffs along the nearby coast. With inexpensive…


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Some Top Spots for Winter Sports Enthusiasts - Including Some Big Surprises!


 Are you the type of person who would trade a long walk on the beach while watching the sunset with alpine or cross-country skiing without hesitation? Do you consider yourself an adrenaline seeker? If you do, nobody can blame you, especially taking into account the major benefits provided by this aerobic endurance activity. Hitting the slopes is fun and…


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California's Capital Sacramento Is Becoming a Real Destination

We of course have thousands of options - even just within the USA - for our precious vacation time and money. And even within the huge state of California, amazing destinations abound. But after seeing the marquis likes of San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Big Sur, the redwoods, and the Pacific Coast Highway, many appealing spots remain. And one that…


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4 Amazing Places to Visit for a Unique Authentic Travel Experience

Many people believe they know how to travel. The truth is that being a true traveler is definitely not as easy as the general opinion might have it. Enjoying the experience to its fullest and not being caught in activities that don’t matter when the time is so limited is a condition of a raw travel experience. Living like the locals, observing details that not any visitor with a camera can notice, eating traditional foods and involving yourself deeper and deeper in the culture of a certain…


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An Island of Contrasts - Why You’ll Fall in Love with Ibiza


Who hasn't heard about the nightlife in Ibiza? People partying until the morning, the sun beautifully shining above the crystal-clear water – all the elements of this mesmerizing place make people add it to their travel journal in an instant. Even though Ibiza is mostly known for the wild parties that last two days and nights in a row, this island…


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Moving to Norway for Business - The List

The economic power of Norway is in continuous expansion, and many people are figuring out whether it is worth it or not to leave their homeland for this amazing country of opportunities. Norway, as a country that is placed at the outskirts of a continent and repeatedly refused to be part of the European Union, is striving even though the world struggles…


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Why the Caribbean Should be First on Your Bucket List

While some people have the luxury of planning their next getaway after barely ending a wonderful week on the most incredible tropical island in the world, others only dream about reaching such a destination at least once in their lifetime. Even though financial status represents the main factor that separates these people into two different categories, they still…


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Long-term travel to China - the checklist

China is the country of all possibilities. The one word that could describe this location entirely is diversity. You get to see different people, different cultures, different architecture - an entirely new experience. But switching cities and making such a dramatic change in your life will require a lot of organization and planning beforehand. Why? Well, there are…


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An Introduction to a Turks and Caicos Holiday

When it comes to holiday destinations, the TCI – short for Turks and Caicos Islands, is the perfect place to rest and recharge your batteries. For those who do not know, the Turks and Caicos are a British Overseas Territory which consists of two groups of tropical islands, namely Caicos Islands and Turks Islands. The TCI lie in…


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6 Destinations Foodies Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

Some love to follow their hearts when travelling, others love to follow their stomachs and taste buds. And if you want to have something to tell people when they ask the – otherwise, legit – question of how was the food, you should consider some of the destinations below. A worthy question that deserves a worthy answer, and the answer to “Where should I go next vacation?” is below.…


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Leaving the city for work? Take these safety measurements

If you are a career-oriented person it is very likely that you travel a lot because of your job. This is the reason why you need to learn what measurements should you take when going away for long periods. Even though you might consider that nothing happens while you are away, you would be surprised to find out that many thefts occur while people are leaving the city. This article is not supposed to make you paranoid or scared, but to give you some tips on how to keep your house and…


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Exotic locations to visit when you want to break out of routine

Planning to go on a vacation soon? Choosing a location is never easy and this is the main reason why you will desire to get as informed as possible about each option you have before finally making a decision. It all starts with your preferences. In case you are a person who would like to break out of routine every now and then, exotic locations are the answer. Yet, there are so many exotic places out there and making the choice will be difficult. Whether you desire to enjoy a safari in the…


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Best European city breaks for the spring of 2018

Although the harsh winter weather is still “spoiling” us, we can start dreaming about the upcoming spring and all the amazing places that we can visit. As a passionate traveler, you certainly already have a list of places to visit, but some more suggestions won’t hurt anybody. So, take your new Chevrolet Equinox and start exploring some of the most impressive European cities, this spring.



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